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Chronic Swollen lymph nodes

A little history first.  2003 I had a swollen lymph node in my neck, grew, had removed, was benign. 2004 mass in breast removed, benign. 2010 found a benign mass on my brain, said most likely born w/ it, no treatment or follow up recommended.  Fast forward to recent. Lymph nodes in back of neck have been swollen since 2003

I have swollen lymph nodes in my neck and above left collar bone (only one there) that stay swollen.  They are not growing but not going away either.  In 2014 I had twins and 5 days after my cesarean I began to run a fever and having difficulty breathing so I went to the ER, the dr was concerned about a pulmonary aneurysm or infection.  Infection in incision was ruled out and blood work showed a possible clot so they ordered a CT of my chest.  It came back there was no clot in my lung but they did notice several spots on my lung that they called nodules, and recommended a follow up CT in 6 months.  Had the follow up CT and I think one changed 1mm but nothing of concern and was told to follow up annually now. They said I could've always had these or from a prior infection.  However at that scan they did say they saw several spots on my liver, most likely benign nodules as well, no follow up recommended.  This has always been in back of my mind and concerned me. Saw another Dr because I am having hormonal imbalances and he suggested I see a pulmonologist because he is concerned about lymph node in collar bone, said he has had two patients with no risk factors have a lymph node swollen there and it was lung cancer.  He tested me for TB, was negative. My CBC was also normal.  This all became worrisome to me again today because I noticed a lymph node in groin swollen.  So my question is should I push for more tests or are the odds so low that it's cancer due to blood work and CT not changing?  I am 33 and have never smoked. My great grandmother passed from lung cancer but she was a smoker.  I am so just so fearful they missed something but at the same time do not want to be exposed to more radiation from tests, as well as it's financially difficult as well.
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I guess I should also add that I suffered from secondary infertility. Began treatments in 2003-2005 conceived my daughter began treatments again in 2013 had my sons 2014. The cause of infertility is unknown
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