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Having cancer scares, not sure if I'm just being a hypochondriac or not.

Alright, so for about the past three days I've noticed I've been feeling pain in my testicular area. It's like a random shooting pain that comes and goes. Never felt this pain ever before and I don't know why it's happening know - with the only cause I can think of being me wearing something tight that would cause pain - but to last a couple days would be odd. I haven't noticed any lumps or swollenness, and my back isn't aching or in pain. I would like to say that the almost every part of my body has felt these.. hard to explain shooting pains that just randomly come and go without me pinching a muscle or doing something strenuous. I feel like it's there but I'm not sure why or if I'm just imagining it.

And now just suddenly, after I noticed a random warmth in my nose and a sudden itch; I decided to rub my hand against my nose and then blow it. I noticed a little blood came out mostly out of my left nostril, but not a full on nose bleed or anything like that. I then ran a piece of tissue up my nostrils and found a little bit of blood with mucus. This has happened to me before though on multiple occasions since my nose always feels dry inside or itchy. And I don't have headaches everyday or have a fever and besides always having phlegm in my throat/nostrils I generally feel fine. I'm not sure if this is just an allergy that I wasn't aware I have or brain cancer.

Last time I went to a doctor was a hospital visit about nine years ago when I was 13, and everything checked out fine with the only thing notable is me having an anxiety order. So I really hope I'm just freaking out but I'm not too certain.
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Sorry, I'd like to add that I haven't coughed up blood, threw up, or felt any different than how I usually do. I do seemingly get bronchitis/pneumonia a couple times every few years but I manage to get healed by antibiotics after a visit to a general doctor.
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