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Hello Everyone

I don't really have a Question so I don't know if I'm posting in the Correct spot. But I have Stage 4 Melanoma this is my 3rd battle with this Cancer.
I am looking for others that are Up front and Know what they are up against, but they also know that if you are Positive and Eat Good and Do Some sort or Work out. You will live a Much fuller life and who knows maybe it will make what time I have left better.
I am praying that the Up coming Drugs they have for Melanoma is Mind Blowing and will change life for me and make my out look longer then 2 years maybe 3....
So if you are in the same boat feel free to write me.
Thanks So much
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God Bless you.  Stay tough and fight it every step of the way. That is what my sister who was diagnosed with Stage IV rectal cancer did.  She surprised the doctors how well she did with a good attitude and determination.  Hang in there and as hard as it is, Believe that God will see you through.!!!!
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Well I have not been around because of all the test and getting on the chemo and just getting my life back. I tell you it has been Crazy. I don't know if I should write you a whole long thing and then you are gone? SO how about this I will send this and see if you see it...
Big Hug and thank you so much for writing ...It means a ton xoxox Rhea
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Hi sweetheart, I was thinking about you today so I thought I'd write & say I'm proud of you for being so strong & having the determination to kick this cancers butt! I have read that you can have an outlook of five years depending on the depth of the original lesion. You are going to do better than that! With all the new TXs that they are using now those outlooks are rather antiqated now. If you believe that God can work miracles ( and we all know he can & does every day) than you can believe that you can beat this *****!!! Praying for you daily hon and hoping you are comfortable pain wise. Congrats on the methodone that's phenominal! You go girl! Love, Darla♥  XXXOOOOOO    OOOOO :)))
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