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Hip and leg pain from radiation therapy

After receiving 28 external beam radiation and 30 hours of brachytherapy for cervical cancer following a complete hysterectomy in 2005, I am now experiencing pain in my hip and sometimes my leg. I also was treated with chemotherapy (carboplatin and paxlitaxel) which also caused some neuropathy in my feet.  When i went to the oncologist last week she told me it could be from the chemo and put me on Lyrica.  She said to give it a week or so and if no better, we'll take an x-ray of the hip.  I had a CT Scan July 24, 2007, all was good and she said if there was any cancer in the bone it would have showed up then.  She said it could also be arthritis.  Has anyone every had anything like this following radiation therapy?

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i  am having radiation from a hysterectomy as ca was in the uterus. i have had pain in my legs, trouble urinating and burning in my buttocks and rectum. dr put me on some prednisone now to see if it helps any.
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External beam RT (EBRT) and chemotherapy could cause the symptoms you are experiencing.  However, with a history of cervical cancer, the possibility of cancer recurrence is always a consideration.  Further examinations may be warranted.
Good luck.
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i have radiaion now my legs hurt so bad .i don't know why
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