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I have a hard lump or knot on the mid joint of my pointing finger on my left hand.

I have a hard lump or knot on the mid joint of my pointing finger on my left hand. When i bend my finger up and down and touch the joint of the finger with the hard lump on it , it seems like the lump seems to stay on the joint and it moves just a little, when i press on it. And also, when i press on the hard knot on the finger joint, it feels kind of like the joint is bigger on the outside under the skin in the joint. I think it burns now a little when i start pressing on the knot really much.  
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums.  Thank you for your question and sorry for the delay in response.  The best thing to do and our recommendation is to have the lump looked at by a doctor.  This is, however, very unlikely related to cancer.  We can have such nodules on our hands for different reasons but a common one is a ganglion cyst. https://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/ganglion-cyst#1.  Cancer is less than 1 percent of the reason for why there are lumps such as you describe in the hand.  There are many reasons for lumps from the cyst type I've linked to fatty clumps of cells called lipoma, to many other non serious reasons.  So, please see your doctor for evaluation.  Let us know the outcome.  Best of health to you.
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