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I wander whether my friend needs a radiotherapy or not.

Hi, doctors. I'm a Chinese and I ask this question overseas. Please forgive me if i have a poor vocabulary. The patient who desires to find some help is a 45-year-old male. He has a squamous cell carcinoma of tongue. On the 7th of July, he underwent three surgeries, which are radical resection of tongue cancer, reparation of left forearm flap and a tracheotomy.  The operation removed half of right tongue and took some part of left forearm to replace it. The operation removed glandular Rivini, salivary gland,Cervical lymph and so on. On 12th of July, doctor completed a pathological examination to this patient and found out that only one cell has a cancer-ometastasis in IV zone of right cervical lymph node. Other part of the patient is in normal condition. In brief, there is a cancer-ometastasis and it has been removed. On 21st of July, the patient discharged from hospital and is in good condition. I wander if he needs a furthermore radiotherapy and chemotherapy. If those treatments are both needed, can they be done at the same time?

Hoping your reply with sincerity. Thank you.
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Can somebody give me a hand?
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We aren't really able to say if this patient would need more radiotherapy and chemotherapy as we are not doctors- I hope that this person is doing well and continuing to recover!
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