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Is this likely to be liver cancer ?

Male, 16, 65kg, rarely smoke (maybe 20 in total Over the last 3 years), rarely drink, especially in the last year, vegetarian.

Hi there, for context I got my bloods taken due to passing out for about a minute. It’s happened about twice once when I was 8 and then a couple months back. Doctors put it down to a reaction to pain as I had fallen down stairs the first time and chocked the second time. I also tend to have blackened vision and dizziness when I stand, however they don’t seem worried about this even though I bring it up with them frequently. They said I should have bloods taken just in case, which I’m thankful for.

From there this is the timeline:

ECG- Had an ECG which was inconclusive as my hard rate was pushing 125bpm (due to nerves, i test my bpm daily and it’s 55-70 max when resting). They have booked me to have a second

Blood pressure- came back borderline high, at 145/90 however this was taken when my heart rate was 125 so they also want me to retake this.

Blood test results:

They tested my for a lot of different things, the abnormalities are as follows. (Unfortunately they wouldn’t email me all the results)

• bilirubin levels high-unfortunately I do not have the number so it may be easier just to think of it as elevated. I believe they were either 2.9 or 29 again I am unsure of what it  is measured in.

•alkaline phosphate levels high- at a level of 164 (not sure of measurement as doctor was reluctant to send me results)

The only other results I recieved were:

• vit d- 51
•b12- 578
Doctor said these were fine

He wants me to have an ultrasound on my liver and more blood tests, which should happen soon.  From what I’ve researched these two hormones(?) both point to liver disease/cancer which i am already a risk factor - both of of my mothers parents died at an early age to cancer, and my mum recently passed due to breast cancer which ended up spreading to her liver(which is what ended up killing her sadly, it likely wouldn’t have spread to her liver however she chose to not have generic treatment and instead take a herbal and spiritual approach, unfortunately I was only 13 and was too blind to tell her that what she was doing was a grave error :( ).
My sex drive has also been reduced a lot over the past year, for seemingly no reason( haven’t brought this up with the doctor, I know I should, I will).

I would ask whether or not I should worry, but clearly I should. I think I subconsciously wrote this just to vent and organise my thoughts (I’ve just got the results) but if anybody has ever had a similar experience or have treated someone with a similar case it would be great to hear how it went :) and if there are any lifestyle changes I should make in the mean time before my diagnosis it would be great to know, obviously I won’t be drinking, probably ever haha. Thanks :)
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Well, first, the dizziness, faint, black out feeling you get upon standing is indeed pretty common.  My son has this and they wanted him to hydrate better which helped.  Also, low blood sugar can cause it.  It's usually harmless and why they likely aren't worried about it. The biggest risk is usually falling.  So, try to increase fluid intake and keeping blood sugar higher .  Pain responses are so interesting to me.  My response  to pain is to throw up.  Also not fun.

So, I think that if they will not send you a copy of your reslts and you can't get into 'my chart' or their online system that most docs have these days with test results, you should schedule and appointment to be seen. They should go over results and tell you if something is abnormal. Your info on the bilirubin test is hard to understand. They measure it in different ways and it's not clear how it was measured for you.  In general, elevated bilirubin may indicate some liver disease. That can be a wide range.  You should have them explain your result.  That you rarely drink is good.  

Since this is the cancer forum, sticking to that. Is there any reason besides the suspected elevated bilirubin that you suspect cancer?  

With regards to your heart rate.  Do you have anxiety?
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here is a link regarding bilirubin testing. https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/bilirubin/about/pac-20393041
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