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More lymph nodes

Ok it is now several months down the line.  About 3 years ago I had 2 swollen inguinal nodes, they stayed static for a year,  Now I have 4 the surgeon mentioned lymphoma.  So I would appriciate any first hand experience of this and what I face.

Thank you

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Hi.  Having persistently enlarged inguinal nodes which recently increased in number would certainly raise the suspicion of lymphoma, but some other diseases (e.g. infection) need to be discounted first.  If lymphoma is highly suspected, the best way to prove this is to do a biopsy of those inguinal nodes.  This is in my opinion, the next step which should be taken in your case.
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Thank you for your promp reply
I am awaiting my appointment for the biopsy.

I have Sjogrens already so having read up on that it seems that Sjorgrens in a few instances can lead to Lymphoma.

What I need to know is
Is Chemo always used in Lymphoma
Does it always make you sick and does your hair always drop out?

And of course the prognosis.

Thank you.
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Hi. You're right.  Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL) can occur in around 5% of people who have Sjogren's syndrome.  Chemotherapy is still the mainstay of treatment for NHL.  Depending on what subtype of lymphoma, and on the stage, the treatment can be curative.  Most of the chemotherapy regimens used for treating NHL do make your hair fall out (but this is a temporary condition; your hair will grow back again after treatment).  These drugs can also make you feel nauseous, tired and have decreased appetite.  Again, these are temporary and should all go away after the entire treatment course is finished.  Treatment usually takes around 5-6 months on average.
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I had a blood test done recently and the results are
Raised , Luymphocyte count/Monocyte/Esonophil counts
Lowered Basophil count
Percentage Hypochromic cells 1.0%

Please can I have any thoughts on this subject thank you
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Hi.  I cannot give you a proper interpretation of your blood test without knowing the actual counts.  Kindly post the detailed results.  It would also be helpful if you can tell us why the test was ordered by your doctor.  Hope to hear from you soon.
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Here goes
Clotting screening test (XaEXO)

One stage prothrombin time (42Q5)                    12.00 s (9.00 - 14.00)
International normalised ratio (42QE)                   1.00 1/1
Derived fibrogen level (Xalqo)                                >4.50g/l (1.60 -5.90)
Partial thromboplastin time activated (XS9U4)       34.00s (25.00 -39.00)

Full Blood count (424..)                                       Mild Lymphocytosis Suggest montior

Haemoglobin conentration (Xa96v)                        14.60 g/dl (11.50 -16.00)
Total white blood count (XaldY)                             13.44 10^9/L (4.00-11.00)
Platelet count - observation (42P..)                        262.00 10^9/L (150.00 - 400.00)
Mean cell volume (42A..)                                      89.00fl (78.00 - 100.00)
Packed cell Volume (X76tc)                                  0.430 1/1 (0.370 - 0.470)
Red blood cell count (426..)                                   4.80 10^12/L (3.80-5.80)
Mean cell haemoglobin level (XE2pb)                      30.20 pg (27.00 - 32.00)
Red blood cell distribution width (XE2mO)               14.90% (11.50- 15.00)
Neutrophil count (42J..)                                          6.92 10^9/L  (2.00 - 7.50)
Lymphocyte count (42M)                                        4.970 10^9/L (1.000 - 4.500)
Monocyte count - observation (42N)                         0.78 10^9/L (0.20 - 0.80)
Eosinophil count - observation (42K..)                      0.52 10^9/L (0.04 - 0.40)
Basophil count (42L..)                                             0.06 10^9/L (<= 0.1)
Percentage hypochromic cells (Xalo4)                       1.0%
The test were ordered because I am to have the biopsy of the Lymph nodes, and also they were ordered by my Gp as a routine health check.
I myself can see that some of them are slightly raised but I can not find any information as to the extent of the rise nor the explanation.  I can see my white blood cells are raised indicating I am fighting something.
Thank you for your comments.
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Hi.  Thanks for the detailed post.  Your clotting parameters are normal so you shouldn't have any problems with bleeding after the biopsy is done.  As for your blood count, your white cell count is increased, with an increase of lymphocytes and eosinophils (these are subtypes of white blood cells).  An increase in white cell count may signify an ongoing/ recent infection or inflammation.  An increase in lymphocytes may mean that the infection is viral in origin, as opposed to bacterial.  Bacterial infections lead to an increased neutrophil count instead of lymphocytes.  An increase in eosinophils may indicate an allergic condition (example: asthma, hives, rhinitis).  I hope the explanations are helpful.
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Thank you for your comments.
You are probably right.  I have only had a couple of colds in my whole life and I never used to sneeze.  However in the past several weeks/months I have been sneezing frequently, it is probably pay back time as my Hubby has continuous rhinitis he is alergic to everything and has spent his life sneezing and I have laughed at it him for years.  Now I sneeze more than him.  For the first time ever I have a tissue in my hand all the time and have to carry them where ever I go lol.
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I have had the biopsy done this morning and have to wait 3 weeks for the results.
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I hope your test results will not be anything bad. Hopefully, they'll turn out fine. Best of luck. Regards.
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