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My Brother needs help

My brother has had throat cancer 15 months ago.  However due to the extensive radiation treatments he had he now is having problems with his jaws.  
Shortly after the throat cancer he developed lung cancer and is being treated with chemo by an oncologist.
His teeth are bothering him for the last 3 months and his teeth are falling out as well as pieces of his jaw coming off into his mouth. He is in a lot of pain despite the medications he is on.
He has gone to pain mgmnt, was sent to several dentists that won't even touch him and today after his second trip to Mass General Dental they cannot do anything for him.
He is going to see his oncologist in the morning to try to understand why no one wants to treat him and why they can't pull his teeth out.

He is preparing himself for the second round of extensive chemo treatments in a month or two and is ready to give up because of the pain. His Oncologist says he has a few years left.
He is 62 yrs old, good shape, and is giving up. He is on Medicaid and considered fully disabled in the state of NH.
Are there any suggestions that you can offer?
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Thank you for the kind words Jerry. My brother and I are 1200 miles apart and we speak daily. I will see if there is a cancer support group in his area and encourage him to try it.
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Check with your hospital for a local "Cancer Support Group"... we have one about 35 miles from where we live in NJ...it doesn't offer any new medicine, just the old medicine of engagement with others who also suffer from cancer and have a collectively vast experience on what can be done, and can also help a person leverage off the support to keep trying.

Sorry for the horrible thing cancer is doing to your brother and family.. it is a very nasty disease and one we can only pray and help support work to find a cure, or at least better fighting tools.
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