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My MRI brain scan report says History: Metastasis. Syncope

Hi all. 25 year old female. I’ve been sick for a few years now with many cancer symptoms and I just haven’t had great insurance and to be completely honest a few mental break downs here and there due to family situations. My MRI brain scan said history: metastasis. Syncope and fainting. SOB

I’ve seen a lot of different doctors due to changes in insurance, moving elsewhere, lack of funds, etc. my bloodwork isn’t always great either but they haven’t done any specific checks for cancer to my knowledge. I’m still rounding up doctor reports and lab results.

My question is: Was it a mistake or error to put that on my report? Could it have been from another patient? How likely is that? I had been to this facility before and they did 2 CT scans of my spine on different days about a month apart and an MRI of the brain. I had another CT done a month before that and have the CD but I’m no radiologist. I just want some input. I’ve asked my rheumatoid doctor and primary doctor if it could have been a mistake but I was messaging them through a patient portal. I haven’t seen either one since this. Appointment is in two weeks. I also have faintly positive home pregnancy tests but I’m married and active and we were TTC. I have gotten three positives in the last 4 months but usually just start a little late.

Sorry this is so long!!
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So, I'm going to go out on a limb here and ask you if you suffer anxiety?  I only ask because you have had tons of tests and doctors appointments.  :>)  Health anxiety is real and can greatly impact our life.  And I do have to wonder if you suffer this.  

Syncope is not uncommon.  And it is not usually much to worry about.  Are you well hydrated, for example?  Dehydration can cause syncope. Low blood sugar can cause this.  Speak to your doctors about this. But your report doesn't sound right to me in general as you don't have 'syncope' as seen on an MRI.  It's a symptom. And metastasis on an MRI with nothing else and no evidence of cancer, that's also a strange thing to have on the report  

So, on pregnancy tests.  Here's the deal.  You really have to read them within the time the packaging states. So, that is usually right after and for a short period of time following that.  If you let them sit at all beyond that, they no longer are reliable.  If you don't see a line immediately, then what you were probably seeing was an evaporation line. If you, otherwise, got lines immediately, that does mean you are likely pregnant.  The tests are very accurate.  It picks up a hormone you only have if pregnant. but a lot of women get confused because they don't throw the test away after say 10 to 20 minutes and a line develops.  You aren't having miscarriages each time over the course of 4 months, right?  (you'd likely know). I tried to conceive for a long time. It's a crazy journey and definitely emotional.  Hang in there with that!
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Thank you! I recently started having anxiety. Everything you said is what I’ve been thinking. I am wondering if the “metastasis” part was a mistake. Surely they would have told me if I have that. Thank you for your response it has helped.
I will add I’ve asked two doctors why my report said that and they never answered (patient portal messaging). I am not sure if I can post photos of the report on here somehow but it is very strange.
In all seriousness, that does sound like an error.  Really, that whole report doesn't sound right for MRI findings.  I would not stress over this.  And if you see something like metastasis, you do have a right to go ahead and call the office and ask before your two week appointment.  Forget the portal.  Sounds too easy to blow you off. But there is a strong likelihood that your anxiety is laying a role here.  
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You should contact the ordering doctor and/or interpreting doctor (radiologist) for clarification. Sometimes the history/indication line on a radiology report lists things your doctor wants to rule out. For example, a chest radiology report at the top might state INDICATION: Pneumonia, meaning the purpose of the study is to rule out pneumonia, but for billing purposes the doctor must list a symptom or diagnosis rather than the words rule out pneumonia. Another possibility is that this is a voice dictation error. Radiologists use voice dictation software (similar to the type you use for your smartphone, but more advanced and with a medical focus). This software is not 100% perfect and may generate words not intended.
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