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PLEASE Would a medical perfesional respond!!! I am feeling desperate. 7 flags on my blood tests and still no answers PLEASE guide mel

I have not felt well for two years, have a nodule that is growing in upper right lung lobe, enlarged lymph nodes along right heart border but not attatched to heart high total protein, high CRP skin rash that is causing ulcerated moles and some stay raised some become flat high pigment, and some no pigment. have two kidney stones, two precancerous polyps removed from colon. Low MPV High monocytes, low neutrophils, high Eosinophil PET scan said glucose level is minimal with definate pleural parenchymal scarring in apex as well as linear scar density in anteromedial aspect of the right upper lobe of lung. i feel likely benign process although do note false negative PET are not infrequent with extremely small nodules as well as with bronchoalveolar carcinoma or carcinoid lesions unfortunately I do not have the previous CT scans to be certain.  These reports were from last week. Previous CT scans showed broncheotosis a growth of lung nodule in upper lobe from 5x7mm to 6x10mm on followup with persistant endopathy on right heart border with largest node being 3.3x2.3cm.  I use to be an insomniac now I sleep so much with soaking night sweats and I have had constant flue and pnemonia. I was never sick other then constant strep throat as a teenager. Now I am still having to go another 3 months to redo the bloodwork and see what happens to the levels and then go from there.  It is affecting my life to the point I had to get done with my job of 18 years which I loved, but I keep getting the flue and can't do a top notch job.  Any Ideas this every 3 month thing is so stressful I feel it's hard to get on with my life. I am thinking of just calling it quits with doctors and assume I'm just chaulking it up to old age.  What do the combination of all these things mean? If anything. I medical perfesionals opinion would be much appreciated as well as anyone else that has gone through this.
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