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Possible Brain Tumor

I have had constant headaches for awhile now. Sometimes the pain is behind my left eye, sometimes behind my right eye. The pain moves to different parts of my head always feeling like "pressure" at that location. I started feeling dizzy yesterday and all of a sudden got nauseous and threw up. I have taken pain pills and it doesn't seem to make the headache go away. My vision has been going down for the last few months.

I first thought that my headaches were contributed to an auto accident I had 11 years ago where I suffered neck and back injury. My neck started to hurt on the left side at the back tendon. Then the pain just kept moving up. Right now the pressure is behind my right eye and when I move my eyes, it feels like something is up against the back of my eye. Not a heavy feeling of contact, but just a light pressure feel.

I don't have insurance, so where can I get a MRI done for less?? Is an MRI what I need to get? I live in Tucson Arizona.
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Hi.  Before deciding on having a brain MRI done, I think you should have yourself evaluated first by a neurologist or an internal medicine specialist.  The symptoms you have described may be due to some other condition and does not solely indicate the presence of malignancy.  
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My complete symptoms:
Nausea and vomiting in the morning only.
Blurred vision.
Headaches that don't go away with pain pills.
Headache pressure that moves around to different locations, but usually behind my eyes.
The headache doesn't go away.
The headache is worse in the morning and gets better as the day goes on.
Balance issues.
Changes in personality.
Changes in hearing.

Now is this neurologist or internal medicine issue?

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Hi.  Most of the symptoms you enumerated may equally be caused by neurologic conditions as well as systemic diseases (e.g. hypertension, diabetes).  It might be best for you to consult with an internist first so you can be worked up and examined more thoroughly.  A referral to a neurologist can still be done depending on the examination results.
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I do not have high blood pressure as I just had my yearly pap smear and they take your blood pressure. Mine is excellent. I do not have diabetes (that I know of) and do not have any of the symptoms. I am not overweight. I exercise regularly.
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I don't want to scare you but I would get this checked out ASAP.  My father has a brain tumor and the doctors did not catch it right away.  As a result they could not remove it all and now it has spread.  Early detection is key.  If you google the symptoms of a brain tumor you will find many of the things you describe above.  I would check with a local clinic and see if they can recommend a place to get an MRI.
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