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Question about lymph node

Hey recently, I got rash behind my right ear which caused a small lump to form behind it (I have eczema and I get lumps behind ears every year some are painful so not worried about it).

However, a few days ago, I noticed that my right neck was slightly harder than the left one. So I spend hours and hours trying to check if I have lymph nodes.

Now what happened is that, whenever I close my mouth and forcefully try to exert air from my mouth, a bump/lump appears below the right chin and then disappears.

Any idea what it is?
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Do you think perhaps you have an anxiety problem?  I'm asking because if you are spending 'hours and hours' checking your neck for a lymph node, that's indicative of that.  That's not really how health works. Searching and searching for a swollen lymph node you aren't feeling and then asking 'what' it would feel like makes me think you have some health anxiety.

Lymph nodes, simply put, feel like a bump or pea under your skin.  Lymph nodes swelling are also quite common. If you get a cold, you might get a swollen lymph node. It's part of your natural immune system.  It doesn't always mean something serious is wrong and looking for them as you have probably means you do not have a swollen lymph node.  

None of what you write sounds like cancer. I think you are over analyzing yourself right now. Try some meditation and breathing exercises to calm yourself.  And use distraction as your friend.  
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Yes, I have a very bad anxiety problem. Yesterday I kept touching and exerting pressure by blowing air and a bump used to appear and then disappeared when I stopped. Today the neck looks normal but has slight pain during swallowing. The bump only appears when I forcefully exert air from my mouth while shutting my teeth.

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