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Alright, I'm 18, desperate for an answer.
Desperate for someone to tell me what is wrong with my throat.
I chose the cancer forum because hey, maybe I have throat cancer.

Anyway, my left tonsil has been swollen for almost one year this coming February.
It never hurt, it never felt awkward, it was completely constant, I've never had strep or any other crazy throat irritation.
It's SIGNIFICANTLY larger than the other. When people look at it they go "OH gosh! You should get that looked at"

And I have. First by my family doctor who said "Its just naturally bigger" then by an ear nose and throat specialist who said "It could be a slight case of tonsilitis and if its not bothering you, it should go away, if it starts to bother you give us a call" then proceeded to sit there and stare at me like that was all I was going to get and THEN I found a new doctor and was tested for lupus, leukimia (I think I spelled that wrong) and strep. Nothing. She said that if it's not bothering me, it should be fine. My parents are worried but don't know what else to do, plus I'm always paranoid that im dying... so yeah.

I'm angry, I'm worried, I'm frustrated, I'm scared beyond all reason.
If ya'll need to see pictures, I'll take them.
I don't want my tonsils out considering everyone says they're so important.
Lately my tonsil has been looking "pitty" like its starting to get holes in it, and so has the right, normal one.  
Granted I don't know what a normal tonsil looks like anymore, so I could just be being paranoid.

Someone help.
I'm just a freaked out kid wanting an answer.
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I’ve had this issue for as long as I can remember.  My right tonsil is twice as big as my left and constantly produces pea sized tonsil stones.
I also have chronic silent migraines and what I believe to be slightly swollen lymph nodes.
Only issue is, this has all been present for years, so I’m not sure if it’s an infection and may be a genetic thing or a general “well you’re screwed up” thing. :/ (I’ve considered getting my tonsils removed, but most doctors brush me off or ignore that it’s been years and say that it’ll go away)
I’d watch for the same symptoms.
I’ve also been looking for answers for a long time, so if you ever figure out anything, please let me know!
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Hello Bbusbee8560.  Thanks for your comment.  Have you consulted with your doctor?  This would be wise to do about this matter.  While it may not be anything, you should rule out something like tonsil cancer.  https://www.cedars-sinai.org/health-library/diseases-and-conditions/t/tonsil-cancer.html.  Again, statistically, this is unlikely but important enough to be sure.  Do you have a sensation of something caught in your throat?
I have tried. But they never listen, maybe I’ll try to push that it’s been years next time I talk to them.
Sometimes I do, especially after removing a tonsil stone, but it’s not constant. Also I don’t have frequent sore throats?
Remember that it is unlikely so try not to worry overly so about something like this. But if you have an ongoing problem, it is best to continue to work on it.  An Ear,Nose and Throat doctor would be a good specialty to see.  
Thank you for your help. I appreciate it :)
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i have painless one big tonsil with low grade fever for one year. plz help
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I have the exact same thing, last post was 2008 let me know if there is any change in your condition. Best solution would be quit smoking if u're a smoker, and perhaps get u're tonsils out. I am getting mine out soon.
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Alright, I know I don't have any mouth infections, I honestly can't remember the last time I had a cold or cough, and I did for forget to mention that my left lympnode in my neck is slightly swollen along with my largely swollen left tonsil.
I just want to bawl my eyes out I'm so frustrated.
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Hi.  It is very possible for your tonsils to be inflamed or swollen for a prolonged period if you have a mouth infection that has not been adequately treated.  If you have recurrent bouts of colds and cough, or  if you have dental caries or a gum infection (gingivitis), these could all lead to tonsillar swelling.  

Is there a chance that your swollen tonsil is cancerous?  Some factors, such as cigarette smoking, or a strong family history of malignancy, may increase your risk of developing cancer, but I would think that you have a LOW risk, given your present age.  Lymphoma could present as a swollen tonsil, but some other symptoms are usually present, like swollen neck nodes, fever and night sweats.  If your condition really bothers you, you can have a biopsy of that tonsil done, but I really don't think this procedure is necessary at this point.
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