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Scared out of my mind.

I went to the doctor last week for severe shoulder pain. They did an X-ray and called to schedule another to confirm a nodule on my lung. The second X-ray confirmed several nodules on my lungs. I do not know how many, the sizes, or if they are bilateral. The PA who saw me was not forthcoming with information, and I could sense that she had her reasons for that, so I did not press. Now, however, I am going out of my mind with fear and worry. I cannot concentrate on anything, and my arm is making it very difficult to distract myself with my typical daily tasks. She said that for insurance to cover it, the radiologist would have to request the CT and/or other tests, but that she'd put a rush on it. I have no other symptoms. I've had a cough for a couple years, but not from my nlungs...more a feeling in the back of my throat, like a tickle...almost like strangling. It has gotten much better over the past few months. I was a smoker until I got that phone call to scedule a 2nd X-ray. I wear a step2 patch daily for work, only smoking first thing in the morning and in the evenings after work, so I haven't been a heavy smoker in years.

What are the chances that this is not lung cancer? I have pretty much convinced myself that I'm doomed.
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I'm sorry for what you're undergoing.
By [email protected] symptoms , there's huge chance it's Lung cancer.
Smoking did cause it , I think.
It can be controlled.
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