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Swollen neck glands

Hello. I'm becoming increasingly worried about swollen glands in my neck. The swelling is located on either side of my neck, roughly half an inch below the mastoid process (these might be the upper cervical lymph nodes but I'm not sure). They can't be seen, but when I feel my neck they feel hard. I've had them now for about three weeks. My only other symptoms: a slight sore throat that comes and goes, and a very infrequent cough.

My doc prescribed me with some antibiotics to see if they help. I'm taking good care of myself, sleeping and eating well, and getting plenty of exercise... but the swellings remain the same. I think they've remained roughly the same size since I first noticed them.

I've done some googling and learned that these swellings - especially when lasting more than two weeks and remained fairly hard, like in my case - can signify a chronic disease such as cancer (e.g. lymphoma). The thought of that freaks me out. Besides maybe drinking and smoking a bit too much in college, I take really good care of myself.

Any information on neck swellings in this area would be much appreciated, including what type of doctor I should consider seeing if they remain swollen.
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I have the same problem like yours, but i have only one swollen tonsil, i don't know if it's a lymph node or not , it's not visible to my eye .. i went to the lab 2 days ago, the dr. took a fluid from my mouth to be analysed and tomorrow i will get the results, i hope it's not a cancer .
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hey i suffer from hodgkins lymphoma and what i can tell you is that first you should check if antibiotics help because taking them might be covering any other symptom that you may have. Then check with your doctor if maybe you can have an u,ltrasound mainly to check the lymphs size and for the symptoms you describe it doesnt seem to be anything bad but check out for night sweats, low fever, itching, body pain...
As for now... just stay calm and see what happens
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