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What’s this Bump in the roof of my mouth?

I’ve noticed a rather large bump under the skin on the roof of my mouth for over a year now. It’s where the minor salivary gland would be. It feels like a cyst above my gums where it meets with the roof of my mouth. It’s difficult to see it but I can feel it there under the palate and it’s pretty big. One ent said it was an extra salivary gland and another ent said it was just an inflamed bone. I also have finger/ toe clubbing, dark circles, enlarged lymph nodes all over, weight loss, and extreme exhaustion if I don’t sleep before midnight. I’ve had a few tests but the only abnormalities are high sweat chloride of 53, elevated bilirubin around the 40 range, and a vitamin d deficiency. I’ve had a ct of my lungs which was fine, abdomen ultrasound, heart ultrasound, liver enzyme tests were fine. But. I don’t believe either of them. Any information would be much appreciated
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Thanks for the question. The good news is that you have seen two doctors about this.  They are trained to evaluate you and both have indicated this is not cancerous.  Here is a list of things that could cause your symptom within this article (copy and paste to your browser).  https://www.healthline.com/health/bump-on-roof-of-mouth#torus-palatinus  You do not seem to have the symptoms of oral cancer other than the lump which I presume is your biggest worry.  Here's those symptoms:  a lump, growth, or thickening of the skin in your mouth
a sore that doesn’t heal
a bleeding sore
jaw pain or stiffness
sore throat
red or white patches
difficulty or pain when chewing or swallowing

If either doctor had been concerned, they'd most likely have done a biopsy.  

Cysts are common in that area.  

Why do you not believe the doctors you've seen?  They do take an oath to care for you and all of their patients appropriately.  Do you by any chance suffer from anxiety?
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But what diseases do my symptoms relate to? The dark circles, fatigue and clubbing. And could the bump be an enlarged lymph node below my maxillary sinus in the palate? I have other enlarged lymph nodes.
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