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questionable tumors at pelvis and around ribs

I had an xray of my pelvis recently because I'm having dull aching hip pain for a year or two, but it has gotten worse. Also my hips pop and crack daily,,,  Radiologist wrote xray was normal, but I think I see a tumor or two on both sides of my pelvis, the circular dark spots... please let me know what you guys think. I worked in a radiology department and sometimes the radiologist miss things.. ; / Also there is a dark circle top right of xray around my rib cage... : / This site isn't allowing me to add pictures to this post, so i will attach my xray pic as my main profile image...
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Hi @Amppan, have you considered meeting with a specialist rather than getting it checked with the only Xray. It has been a long time since you're having this pain, so I'll suggest you visit the specialist and get it checked properly if you want to get rid of that pain. I hope it will be nothing serious but it is better to take the steps before it gets worsen.
Excepts of pain do you feel any other symptoms including fatigue, fevers and night sweats, & lack of energy?
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Hi lyana, thank you much for writing me. I have an appointment in 1.5 weeks to see an orthopedic dr. Besides the dull hip pain with cracking, my other symptoms are lack of energy/fatigued, stomach bloating, constipation/GI issues (hx of GERD and hiatal hernia). Also was told by GYN she thinks I have adenomyosis.. No fever and no chills. I also wrote on the radiology quora and someone messaged me saying the circular dark spots that are super imposed is bowel gas..so we shall see. I want additional images/MRI to make sure nothing else going on.
Good luck with the upcoming appointment, I hope everything will go well, & you'll be able to get the answers. Discuss with the doctor clearly about your symptoms and how can you deal with them.
Best wishes!
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  The important thing to remember is that the radiologist is trained to read your scans. They take an oath to provide care and would not overlook two tumors that you say you can clearly see.  This would be very unlikely.  We hope that your appointment goes well and hope you follow up with us as to the outcome.
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