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Chest Pain after Exertion

I am a 42 y o male with no family or personal history of heart disease.

My problem is that I experience chest pain/throat tightness (not burning) that is sometimes accompanied by belching after exercising (playing hockey or even just washing my car). It is usually accompanied by fatigued. It started about 6 mos ago to varying degrees of discomfort. About 3 weeks ago, it was so uncomfortable that I went to the ER. I was admitted, given an ekg, and stress ultrasound (took a total of 15min, got my HR to 197bpm). Results came back negative. I didn't experience any pain during or even after the test.

But since, the pain returns after I exercise. My doc reassures me that nothing is wrong with my heart but I am becoming obsessed because it really is bothersome. I have suffered from anxiety BUT my anxiety is usually because of the pain. When I am pain free-I am happy and carefree. Then I exercise and it all starts again.

Should I get further tests? Holter? Dye test?
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It sounds like your initial heart work up did not reveal anything. Your symptoms also sound suggestive of gastrointestinal reflux with regards to the belching. You did not mention factors such as your weight, exercise condition and prior history of reflux. Lastly it sounds like anxiety may be worsening what is a real medical problem.

I would suggest being persistent to have your pcp evaluate you for non cardiac causes of chest discomfort and swallowing symptoms such as upper endoscopy or laryngoscopy

Best of luck with further evaluation
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Should mention that the pain is in the center of my chest to my throat.
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