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Pain in chest around heart and other symptoms

I am 26 years old and consider myself in good health except for a couple of things. After I left the military I started having intense panic attacks so bad that my heart would race to 180bpm. One time I called some EMT's because I thought I was having a heart attack. They stuck some diodes to my chest and did some readings with a small machine and said my heart was racing but other then that I was fine. Was this machine an EKG? Anyways after that my anxiety got really bad and it wasn't until recently that I realized it was anxiety. However I have been recovering from it and my body seems to be less sensitized to it. However sometimes when im perfectly calm I can notice a small pain over the left part of my chest around my heart area. It is a really dull low key pain but I can feel it. The worst time is after I eat, this is usually when I get the most symptoms. Sometimes I get really hot, sweaty, I feel my chest tightening and pains in my chest. I also notice my heart rate increases too after I eat. Also I become extremely gassy to the point where I constantly have to burp to relieve pressure. My heart beat is usually around 60-70 bpm but I just ate and right now its around 86-90 bpm. When I stand up I get light headed very easily and my heart will start racing. I also want to make it clear I exercise on an extreme basis and I have never passed out from it. A few months ago I was running 10+ miles and peaked at 16 miles. I now work out 5 times a week with free weights. It is really easy for my arms to go numb sometimes when im sleeping as well.The main reason I am consulting this forum is because I do not have health insurance and I haven't for over a year now. I would like a detailed response please because I will definitely buy health insurance if it could be something serious.

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a few points:

1) the symptoms you have list while can be related to heart problems are also ALL related to anxiety. You can get your heart checked out, but since you've already stated you've had an anxiety attack previously i'd bet its all anxiety related.

2) a resting heart rate of 60-70 is good!

3) heart rates increase after you eat cause you blood is circulating more to your stomach trying to digest! this is NORMAL

4) dizzy when standing up can be a sign of lower blood pressure, but is since you stated you exercise that often the lower blood pressure is most likely
cause by this and is NORMAL!

I've had panic attacks and I was anxious afterward and had similar symptoms because of the anxiety attack. I also exercise a lot and notice when my bp is low because of over exercise I get dizzy when standing.  
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First, thank you for your service to our country. It is hard to say with certainty, but in a person in such great physical condition, it sounds like another manifestation of your anxiety. If you were seen by a doctor, they might give you on a small device to carry with you and monitor your heart rate for several days. This would confirm what happens during these periods. If I were you, I would check with your local VA so see what available services exist to help you manage your anxiety disorder.

The other consideration is that you may have a hernia (diaphragmatic) which causes indigestion after eating. Should be evaluated if your symptoms are getting worse. Are they?

As far as your arms going numb, this is probably unrelated. That can sometimes be a sign of a pinched nerve that occurs when guys who exercise a lot (esp weights and push ups) lift their arms over their heads for extended periods, like when you sleep at night. The problem should be evaluated to assess its severity-although its unlikely that something would need to be done

Hope this helps. God Bless and good luck

PS  If you are looking for a resource to consult about disease prevention, remaining healthy which is so important since you dont have insurance. view my book Your Guide to Optimal Health: Creating Your Personal Wellness Wheel at www.personalwellnesswheel.com or amazon
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