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Have you had a Vacation or Respite?

Hello Members,

Where has this summer gone? As you may know I am no longer a Caregiver. My dearest father went to his Heavenly Home on May 13th of this year. And yes, I miss him every day.

As I am getting ready for my third mini-vacation since my dad's passing I think about all of you. Have you been able to get away for some rest and relaxation? It is so important that you do so.

In the final months of dad's life I guilty succumbed to Hospice's insistence that I allow myself a Respite. I am so glad that I did. It gave me renewed strength as I returned to the 24/7 challenges and rewards of caregiving. I hope you are all able to do the same.

I wanted to remind you that just a few nights away every few months is so important to your physical and emotional health. Taking care of the Caregiver is vital.

In between those Respite times I found other ways to rejuvenate. An afternoon visiting a close friend, a few hours at the beauty salon, a quiet dinner with a loved one, a walk through a zoo or a short shopping trip for just you are things that can refresh you. I even made the trip to my local grocery store a special occasion. I browsed through new selections, tried their free samples and always bought new products. Often I found one for me and something for dad. It was always a special treat to see what I had managed to find at "just" the grocery store.

What may help refresh you is a individual choice but I encourage all of you to do just that. Now with summer drawing to a close don't forget to take time to enjoy an outdoor activity or two.

Be the best caregiver you can by talking care of you too.  PLEASE share with us what have you done or what do you do to refresh and renew?  

My heart goes out to all of you.
Your Fellow Caregiver in Spirit,
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