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burning in forearm

Hi there.

I am a copywriter/illustrator and spend a lot of time making repetitive motions with my right hand. I recently began "stippling" which is a technique that results in the same motion of the hand repeated hundreds of thousands of times.

I also recently developed a burning/tingling sensation in my forearm that is made worse by typing and stippling. It  doesn't hurt much - but not being able to do my job really scares me.

If anyone could share their experiences with carpal tunnel (I don't know if this is what I am experiencing) that would be wonderful. I've heard conflicting views on whether carpal tunnel is caused by repeated motion, but I'd really appreciate any clarification or insight.

Thanks so much.
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Yes it does. I think I got mine because of playing too much video games. There's nothing else I could have gotten it. I got weak and thin wrists. I visited our local PT. Now I do alot of strength exercises, with good amount of rest of course. And I feel it's getting better.
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Thanks for sharing your experience. Glad to hear it's not just a myth that repetitive motion can cause problems...makes me feel like I have a solution to my problem now.
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Yeah, I got mine from doing a massive amount of electronic document review -- clicking through a million documents for 12-18 hours a day.  For suggestions on what to do -- one is to look at your desk set-up.  Perhaps you could increase elevation of your chair or something.  Just google ergonomic desk set-up.  Also, getting up to readjust your body really helped me.  I set a timer and stood up and sat right back down every 15-20 minutes.  It really helped.  During that time, I would shake my hands as well to readjust.

I wasn't really into alternative medicine and yoga, but I got into both as well.  Yoga, like LadyViolet 23's suggestion on physical therapy, really helped strengthen my wrists and the rest of my body.  I worked on my posture too -- which really helped.  I also went to an acupuncturist - which really helped.  Key is to fine a good one. =)  My acupuncturist, William Kaplanidis, created his formula called Acudragon Five Elements, which is amazing!  I love the green one -- it's a much better version of ben gay.  Feels so good when I put it on, especially after a long day of work.

Most importantly, as hard as it is, try not to stress.  I know it's hard but stress makes you tense up and that tension could creep into your arms/hands.  

I hope this was helpful!

I'm actually trying to figure out how to better help those with carpal tunnel, as I haven't seen a sufficient response to the problem -- would love to chat more and see if I could help.  As for me, I'm a recovering NYC corporate lawyer who started my career with horrible CTS.  I worked through it, by using voice recognition software, among other things, but realize my experience could have been much better had I addressed the issues/symptoms earlier.


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