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10 week old kitten

My 10 week old kitten appears to have an extra pad growing further up her leg and when I touch it she pulls it away as if she is in pain. What could this be?
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Does she have this on both legs?  There is a pad up a bit higher than the foot, on a cat's leg.  Or do you mean she has something besides that?
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  If the little one acts as though there is pain just take it to the vet and let them have a look see.  I'd like to know the answer to Anniebrooke's question too.

Blessings to you and the furry baby,

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Hi AnnieBrooke, No there is not one on the other leg :-(  We have now made an appointment to see the Vet on Friday afternoon, so I shall keep you posted with what the Vet has said.  She is such a joy to wake up to each morning.  She is extremely playful all the time and loves cuddles too :-)  We have fallen completely in love with her too :-) X
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Yes she does pull her leg away from us when we touch that part of her leg!  I hate the thought of her being in any pain, so we are taking her to the Vet on Friday afternoon, for his disgnosis!

We are keeping our fingers crossed that it is nothing to worry about, I am hoping that it is just an extra pad that has developed in an unusual place on her leg.  
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Hello again.

  I think that you are a wonderful kitty parent and are being rewarded by this playful, loving ball of fur.

  Let us know how the vet trip goes today.  We're thinking of you both.

Blessings all way 'round,

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Hi, this sounds like a very unusual problem.  I've never heard of an extra pad before, and I've had cats for more than 20 yrs.

Whatever it is, it's causing discomfort for your kitten.  I'm glad that you're looking into it with your vet.

Can you post a pic?  It might help someone else that visits our forum.
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My kittens extra pad? on the back of one of her legs has know cleared up!!!!!!!!
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Hi SK,

Did you ever find out what it was?? Would help us in the future if someone posts the same problem.  Of course we would still want the kit to be seen by a vet.

YEAH! for your Kit!!
Have a wonderful life little one!!
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the vet said that it could of been rubbing on something
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My cat has that too and webbed feet!
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