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2 1/2 month old kitten sucking fingers

I had him when he was about 3 weeks, the mother abandoned him, and I gave him a bottle until about a month ago. He is now eating canned Pate food and I am about to start with softened dry food. Every once in awhile, he will grab my fingers, lick each one, and choose which one to suck on. Then he would fall asleep sucking on it. I've even caught him sucking on my sweatshirt strings or something small on the floor. Is this normal? I think he is teething too, so I'm not sure why he's doing this!  
I also need some help with teething tips (he bites and draws blood) as well as tips on litter training. He poops all over the place EXCEPT his litter box!
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All I can think is that he still has the urge to nurse. As far as missing the litter box, don't know. Mine found his from the git go, although still, he occasionally will leave a gift in the bathtub.
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hi Tamera,

You do know that when a mother abandons one of her kittens, there may be something wrong with it genetically--so be sure to have your vet check it out periodically and get a baseline CBC.

Having said that --it is not always the case , so lets hope your baby is just fine. Babies at 2 1/2 weeks still desperately need their "cat mom", but when you rescue a little one it is up to you to their mom. Not being a cat we have our work cut out. Firstly I hope you consulted with your vet as to what you should be bottle feeding the kit. Now that it is eating pate that is a good thing, and I would think it is the teething think making it want to suckle. Although it could still miss mom.

The best thing for a baby and teething (ImO) is a white pipe cleaner. Keep it long and curl it .  This helps with the teething. Anything long and soft but flexible is good. Please try and keep an eye on the baby when they are playing though.

As for the pooping I suppose you knew when it began nursing with the bottle , mamma cat always stimulates the babies bottom to start elimination. So you probably used a little guaze bad or soft cloth to rub its bottom after each feeding.  So now every time it poops or pees you must immediately place the baby  in the litter box. No waiting!  So you are kind of following around with its bathroom, LOL! This is one of the reasons raising babies is a lot of work--just like regular babies.

After a while it should get the hang of litter box smell means toilet. You may need more then one to be on the ready.

I envy you having such a darling little creature to raise. Treasure each moment, give it plenty of love and you will have a loyal companion to come home to every day.

Best Wishes,
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You've got some great advice.....just want to add, you can perhaps take the poop he has deposited elsewhere and put it into his litter box, he needs to get that scent associated with the appropriate spot. Allow him to suckle, it's soothing for him, but if he bites say a loud NO and remove your finger, don't punish, just the tone of your negative response will soon be enough....good luck, keep us posted on baby :)
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You can give him one of those  toys made for babies that are teething when he start biting you.Choose one safe enough and keep watching
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