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4 month old with a limp.

My 4 month old kitten somehow was able to get out onto the balcony and jumped off.  I found her below with only a limp on her back right leg.  She had pain in the leg and for a day or two just slept in the bed.  After observing her for a couple of day I noticed that she continued to use the litter box (although in pain) continued to eat well and play.  Now she even runs around and seems to have her same attitude as before, but she doesn't use her back right leg.  It seems that the problem is in her hip.  When she is fast asleep I moved her leg around in a circular motion and there was no reaction, she even stretched it out.  But when awake simply touching her leg or hip results in a negative reaction(fangs claws cries). While I live in Costa Rica I am hesitant to take her to the vet, she seems to have improved running around and playing, she can even climb up onto the bed and other furniture; but still does not use the leg.  Any suggestions?  Thank you!
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well she really should see a Vet for xrays to determine if the hip is broken, if this heals wrong she may never get the use of the leg back
but it could also be just badly bruised, perhaps some ligament damage(?) without an xray its hard for me to advise you.
if its only muscle injury, it will heal itself. but if its broken than she will have lasting damage.
Watch her for another day and see if she attempts to at least try and use the leg, can she move it at all and just not putting weight on or what??
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heres some info on fractures for you to read over, please keep us updated on her condition -)

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I recommend a trip to the vet. Soon. There may be inflammation that is preventing use of the leg, so a steroid shot to reduce inflammation may help. At minimum, you would want a shot for pain as she is surely in some pain. Please consider taking the cat to the vet.

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