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Cat Licking Belly&BackLeg fur off

I have a 10 year-old, orange, shorthair, indoor (though we could have tracked anything indoors on our shoes), female cat.

Approximately 2 months ago she started licking her back legs a lot. Over a few weeks she licked her inner back legs and lower belly completely bare. About 2 weeks ago I noticed very faint pink dots on the bare skin. They were not raised bumps. They were not there before. One week ago she has licked the pink spots so much they are much more noticable now, though still not raised even as much as acne bumps to make a comparison. This week she has licked a spot or two to rawness. She is also licking small bald areas to her front legs.

She has NO FLEAS. I do not think it is ALLERGIES as her diet/environment has not changed. I've seen her go hours and hours without licking her belly but then I'd come into my bedroom some afternoon and she's licking her belly and legs again. None of my other cats as of yet have begun to lick their fur off.
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Sometimes it is stress induced. Has anything happened that would make your baby feel more anxious?? If not try starting it on a Limited Ingredient Diet, like Natural Balance Duck w/green pea or their venison.

It will take a while (3 mo) to know if it is food related. Stress induced is a lot faster.

Keep us posted
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CML014, do you know if duck is okay to give  if a cat is allergic to chicken?  My vet said its still poultry and not to try it if I want to get away from chicken, which I do.  I;ve tried unscented litter, and two shots, one being Convenia by accident.  Neither helped. I;ve got him on Benedryl and am going to switch foods next, but its very hard to find one without chicken,, even the fish ones have chicken.  
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Just my 2cents, but my Vet said same thing....nothing with 'feathers' so no duck, try venison or beef and some brands of fish do not have chicken, I know it's so limited....just about everything has chicken base :( if you go to good pet stores they have more choices...maybe CML can offer more tips, so frustrating but kudos to you for all the efforts
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Hi Linda,

Chicken is what my cat was allergic to also.  My vet put me on to the Duck or Venison from Natural Balance. Meezy loved the duck and pea, and it worked for her.

My Vet seems to think allergies to food are more specific than  "general poultry"==Chicken and turkey was what  Meezy had been eating and all of a sudden developed an allergy. The point is to find a food your cat has not ever eaten before.

Anyway Duck worked for the Meez, so I would try it if your cat has never eaten duck--or avoid it and just try the venison. I have tried various Lamb recipes but --Lamb was a no go , Yuck!

Good Luck

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Thanks, my vet doesn't have any suggestions about what to try, I'm on my own.  I will check out the Natural Balance at our pet store. Just when you think you've found one without chicken, about 10 ingredients down on the list it will say chicken liver, chicken fillers, etc.
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Let me know what you come up with. It will also help others looking for a food without chicken, chicken flavor, chicken by products ,etc. Seems like chicken is the go to for cat food companies.
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We've had Spencer on the Natural Balance green peas and Salmon  for about 2 weeks now.  We tried Blue Basics Fish and Potato, but he hated it.  We are using  unscented litter too.  Very limited choice of food that doesn't have some type or form of chicken in it, both are grain free too.
We had to put a collar on him while trying the new food, he constantly licks himself to the point of no fur, and his one back leg is raw at the joint and bleeds heavily.  The collar didn't work well, it made his neck very irritated and his leg would still bleed just from being rubbed on carpet.  The past week I have taken the collar off and heavily bandaged and taped his leg so it is covered.  

He's still chewing himself, shouldn't he have stopped by now if it is allergies?  Our vet said since shots haven't helped, and if the collar and new food doesn't, the next step would be Prozac because it might be a behavior issue. I give him Benedryl, and that seems to help a little, but I can't give him that forever. I have to take him back Thursday, and hate to start on Prozac, but can't think of anything else to try.  It is so frustrating
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Oh poor kitty, and poor you too I know how frustrating this can be to solve....the new diet may take awhile yet. Never did ask you did I abt what your using for cleaning products, try just vinegar and water on floors where kitty walks as this could also be a contact allergy. Your bedding too that he lays on should be washed with as pure as possible detergent an for sure NO fabric softener
As far as the Prozac, it would be worth a try for a little while, to relieve his anxiety...which I don't think is the cause but is a symptom of the terrible itch he is feeling
I absolutely hate drugging a cat too, but must admit I too was forced to try it for one of mine, Nemo has anxiety issues and has been peeing around my house for years, man the instant cleaning believe me over a 4 year period I read and tried everything...nothing worked
15 months ago we began Prozac, he's a 10 lb cat so using the liquid oral suspension 0.75mls. At first was everyday than every second day...now there are times he can even go up to a week in between doses without peeing on something...I have pee pads all over my furniture( gotta really love these guys)
So I can say for him it works as long as he gets it regularly and I've not noticed any side effects, so for your kitty I'd say give it a try...maybe a short while would just be enough to calm him down and give the new diet and other measures a chance to work(?)
Got my fingers crossed that you will find an answer, man he's gotta be feeling pretty darn miserable
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