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Cat bleeding from anus after pooping.

We adopted a 3 and one half year old purebred Siamese after our 19 yr old kitty passed from Humane Society. We have 2 other adopted cats, one 16 yr old and the other is 9. The Siamese chased the other 2 and now it is reversed. I just saw our new fella poop and then saw a couple drops of blood. What is going on? I called the vet and left a message.
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Please let us know what your vet said.
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Could have been a constipated stool? Can also be from something in his diet, I have had a previous cat and also one I have now that both got very bloody stools from an ingredient in dry kibble....if on kibble try feeding cans for awhile, might save you lots on a vet bill. If it is medical they will likely sau IBD irritable bowel disease, But neglect to tell you the irritation is due to chemicals in the food
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