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Cat having bowel problems

My cat is 9 years old. Has been very overweight for years. (20lbs) lately she has been having problems pooping. We will see her walking through the house, stop and act like she is trying to push.  I looked at her behind and her anus was protruding. I bought and gave her a pet laxative and a few days later she was acting and looking normal.  This week she looks sick, has lost 5lbs and was at the pushing act again so I gave her more of the laxative.  My husband changed the cat box today and said she passed a very large poop. Almost human size and her poor anus looks horrible plus I had to wash her back end.  I am very concerned about her. Especially with the weight loss part. Any body know what is going on?
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if the bowel had been perforated I'm afraid this poor little girl would be drastically ill.....just my opinion, I am not a Vet. Did the new Vet do xrays to see whats wrong???

she could be suffering from extreme constipation, the colon fills and plugs not allowing the feces to pass...then its possible the stool behind this plug flows over and seeps out continuously....in humans this is known as bypassing.

yes she would be very uncomfortable, she needs the help of a Vet to get this colon emptied of all the old dried feces...did the new Vet not do this????

this needs to be done asap...or your little girl could die from a impacted bowel. after she is cleared please feed her a canned diet, the dry food diet is very low in moisture that she needs to keep her stools passing easier....do the transition slowly or she may get some diarrhea....do 50/50 mix for a few days than the full 100% canned afterwards.

but please get her some medical help to evacuate this stool from her bowel..she is in dire need of medical help, I can't believe the Vet did not do that for her...
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3 yr old female cat 8 pds was fine until had her spayed now she looks like shes pooping out both ends it's always all over her back side have to wash her all the time she swells up, after she eats have changed her food several time science diet for sensitive stomach's, now shes on blue holistic tiny bits she likes it still swells but poops better i think the vet perforated the anal wall, i told the vet she said not my fault took her to another vet who said for 250 dollars shes full of stool i knew that need help am i right did the vet who spayed her perforate her she suffers when shes swollen need help please
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Took Mimi to the Vet and they did an X-Ray. Bowels are not backed up. She must have taken care of that when we gave her a laxative. She still had some so they gave her a glycerin suppository and I have to give her Miralax twice a week in wet food to keep her regular.  I was right, she did lose 5lbs. She was 15 lbs 6 oz when they weighed her.  She was pretty stinky and dirty when we got home so I gave her a 1/2 bath (back 1/2 of her body) its cold here and I don't want her to get sick from being wet. She seems better today.
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hi Sabrina and welcome. I think this kitty really needs a good check up at a Vet clinic....since you say he has been over weight for years and is now having major constipation issues and looking sick I really am concerned he maybe diabetic....
Please take him in for a look over, and come back with an update for us :-)
good luck!!!
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