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Cat vomiting, scooting, and squinting?

Please help. Last night, my cat started vomiting up her. She vomited in rounds usually in three different spots at a time. This continued into the morning. I woke up this morning to find out that she seems to have had diarrhea once and that now one of her eyes is slightly closed  and leaking. I noticed that she has been drinking a lot more water; although she hasn't tried to eat anything else recently. Even though she had diarrhea last night, I believe she may be constipated because earlier she tried to poop, but struggled for a moment and gave up. When she exited her litter box she began to scoot her but across the floor and like herself. Is there anything I can do for her? I really have the money to take her to the vet right now as my do who has a flee allergy was just ill. She is an old cat, about 17 years old if that helps.
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Thank you for the advice. She is doing much better now and is on the mend. She has already gotten her appetite back and is much more alert.
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So what was wrong with her, if I might ask? Did she have to go to the vets?

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This sounds like a major bowel obstruction. This is an emergency. If you have an established vet, they will be willing to let you post date checks or make payments.

This is an emergency. Bowel obstructions are deadly. She really needs emergency treatment now.
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Hi Jazzy,

Wow 17!!!! That is great, I guess it's about time to start having some senior illnesses,

Your cat is Dehydrated and will need IV fluids to stabilize her. I say this because vomiting, diarrhea,and drinking lots more water are major signs she needs to see the vet. She may have a blockage in her intestines if she is throwing uo that much and is constipated.

I know money can be a problem , but she needs to get to an emergency Animal Clinic ASAP.  They are usually very good when it is emergency--they will let you pay when you can.  So please have her see a vet, she needs your intervention.

Please let us know how the little lady makes out, K?

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