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Cats and constipation

Besides water, laxative, wet food, enemas, and prednisone, constipation,is there anything that can help my 14 year old cat with a pinched pudental nerve that may reflect back on an old tail injury about 10-12 years ago.  Surgery is not an option.  I just want my kitty to poop normally again!  He can still walk and get around but likes to lay around a lot.  He's been given 3 enemas at the Vets and fluids so he doesn't get dehydrated.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I don't want to lose him.
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It's nuts but have you thought about a pet chiropractor?  I know they do a lot of work with dogs  but you might check about cats.
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No, I have to say I hadn't thought about a pet chiropractor it's worth considering but I have no idea where I would find one or maybe someone who does acupuncture,  Thanks!
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Hi Linda,

I gave my old girl Miralax--yep the one for people. 1/8 tsp to start mixed woith her wet food morning and evening. Worked like a charm
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yes everything is pretty much covered here Linda that I know of, my Nemo has a stricture in his bowel that causes him alot of constipation troubles too and I give him Miralax as well, I use it only abt 2-3x's per week...but depends on kitty. How is he doing now? sending you some ((>.<))
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My vet just prescribed Gabapentin for Aramis for pain.  Is it addictive or any bad side effects?
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My vet nixed the pet chiropractor because of the nerve and spinal chord condition.
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No experience with gabapentin for pets, but I've been on it for many years for nerve/spinal injury pain, it's very effective, not addicting. Side effects for me were minor, such as sedating. But it can also cause constipation Linda and I know this is a huge prob for Aramis. But he does need pain help so give it a try, hopefully won't add to his issues :(
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Thanks, Opus!  I will give it a try starting tomorrow.  I'll keep you posted on how it goes.  
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Hi Linda.  Did you start Aramis on the Gabapentin?  If so, how is he tolerating it?  
Yes and it seems to help,  He is also walking with just a slight limp but he still would rather lay around.  He and Foxy have worn me out.  Just the stress and worry...
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What's wrong with Foxy?
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Please research olive oil. Just a drop loosens stools for cats. But read several veterinary sites, please. Don't experiment without a clear dosage.
But also, it is important to consider any other underlying issues such as physical illness issues, or the pet doesn't drink much water. Also research adding cat milk, ( grocers, not dame milk, just altered cow's milk, ) to entice drinking. It's yummy and has water which helps loosen stools.
A vet gave me Laxative, a tuna flavored oily gel that helps cats go. It helped my elder kitty.
Wonderful book : Anitra Frasier, ( Frazier), from UK,
The New Natural Cat is one of the Best references for naturopathic answers that really help you help your dear feline. I had dreams that I would have 13 cats and they came: after hurricane Andrew in Florida. My grandmother Ruby, who had loved the local bunnies at her home in Ohio and my daddy were influential in my love for animals and cool bugs. My younger brother became a veterinarian and my son is in school to be a P. A. So... Heaven sent them, mom, dad, 6 babies and another mom and 4 babies, right after the storm. This book helped me nurse cats even through cancer and felv. (Feline aids)
There is another naturopathic physician's information in Ms. Frazier's book. I bought his book as well.
Best of luck. This will help I know.
One last idea: a dear associate of mine taught me to make oregano tea. She said it will help clean the digestive tract and colon. BUT BE CAREFUL. IT'S POTENT! I just steeped fresh leaves in tea for a few minutes... I was going to the b.r. for four days!!!
Research for cats!!! BUT!!! Dosage should be in the drops : see what is known for cats and ask through one of the on line vet assistants - they'll help.
If I had this problem again with a cat,  I'd administer only 2 drops of the oregano tea AFTER  I researched a lot of options.
Good luck.
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