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Cats with Cancer

Good Morning i have been reading some of the posts regarding cats having chemotherapy and am wondering whether to speak to our vet about it? After coming back from holiday a couple of weeks ago we noticed one of our cats Rosie had lost weight and wasn't looking her normal self. I took her to the vets who diagnosed mouth ulcers and we were given the appropriate medicine. As our cat was quite large the vet said she couldn't feel anything in her stomach. Close to a week later Rosie had lost more weight and has completely gone off her food so we took her back last night. This time the vet could feel a large lump and recommended an x-ray and a blood test. We had these done straight away and an hour later we were given the news that Rosie could have cancer and it was quite advanced. As you can imagine we were devastated as this was literally in the space of 3 weeks as before we had gone away she was her normal chatty, happy self. As Rosie has lost so much weight the vet has recommended we give her a steroid injection to get her appetite back to try and build her strength back up. She is 12 years old and the vet doesn't think it would be fair to operate on her while she is so fragile. If the steroid works and she starts eating and drinking again we will look at having a proper scan done. If it doesn't work then we might have to think about putting her to sleep which at the moment is an unbearable thought. I hadn't thought about chemotherapy and it is something i am going to speak to the vet about when i go back this afternoon. Im not sure what else we can do to help her, this really has come like a bolt out of the blue.
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Hello Morag43,

I just finished reading your comments. Unfortunately I have had two cats that had cancer. You said the vet felt a large lump on Rosie. Where is the lump located ?  So the vet said Rosie could have cancer and that it was quite advanced.  Did the vet share with you what kind of cancer he or she thinks it is.  So the vet recommended an x-ray and a blood test which you said you had done straight away.  What did the x-ray reveal ?
Is this your regular vet by the way or is this a new vet ?  I have heard that some cancers respond better to chemotherapy than other cancers.  I know other cat parents will offer their opinions too. I wish you and your kitty the best.   Eve ( mother of Sammy the cat )
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Hi Eve
Thank you for your reply. The lump was found near her kidney, and the vet got a 2nd vet to come into double check the diagnosis. Rosie doesn't have a regular vet as she normally only goes once a year for a check up. They both recommended we did a blood test and x-ray to see what they showed. the x-ray showed a lot of shadow around the kidneys and also up but the stomach area. The vet said there was a lot of unexplained shadow areas. The blood test showed that Rosie was anaemic, other than that i can't tell you. When the vet said it could be cancer my husband and i went into shock and a lot of what the vet said never registered. We are both devastated as a few weeks ago Rosie was her normal chatty and personable self and full of life. Now she has lost a lot of weight she is a lot quieter and she spends a lot of time under the bush in the garden or under the desk in the office. We had the steroid injections done and this morning Rosie has had a little bit of her food and a bit of sardine which I've given her. We are back at the vets on Monday where we are going to see what progress Rosie has made and whether we want to go ahead with an ultra sound. i will also try and find out what cancer the vet thinks she has, and this time i might take notes!...
Thanks Morag
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Hi Morag,

First of all I really feel for you. As I mentioned, I have had two cats that had a diagnosis of cancer. You mentioned though that the vet said it could be cancer, so as yet the vet hasn't told you your cat has cancer. That's a good thing. It is a good idea to take notes. I always bring a notebook with me to every vet appointment. Also don't be afraid to ask questions of the vet if there is something you don't understand. Based on your comments, I think an ultra sound would be a good idea. Hopefully, the ultra sound can help explain the shadow areas and give the vet and you ( both you and your husband )  an idea of what is going on. I hope you get more answers on Monday.  I wish you strength. Eve
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