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Charlie licks plastic?!

Funny habit; Charlie has always occasionally licked plastic bags, the plastic on my little hand weight, side of the trash can bag, etc.  Was just curious if anyone has heard of a "reason" or theory for this?  The vet said one of their kitties do this - but they didn't know why either.  Just a quirk - or is there any logic to this?  (Lack of a vitamin, thirst, etc.?)  Quirky but a little annoying if it's the middle of the night and the "crackling Target bag" in the other room wakes you up!  Any theories?
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Its not uncommon. The cat's tongue is very sensitive to the texture and "feel" of what they are licking, so that is part of it.

Some plastics and rubbers have a chemical taste that Swampy has found some animals like very much.

Finally, biodegradable plastic bags have a component made from cornstarch. It could be your cat is liking that -- Swampy's cat loves grits, but she is not allowed to eat them.
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One of my cats love to crunch on plastic bags so we have to put them up right away after getting home from the store or she will go to town on them, munching away! I just figured it's my quirky cat. :)
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That's so funny my cat does that too!
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All the family here likes playing and biting plastic bags.Loreena loves and the kids grow up in the middle of them,I kind of allow them to do it,if are empty ones.
Rubish one has to be keep far far away...
I used to do small packages with and loreena catch in her mouth and carry it all the house as a prey.I told her "YEAH,you are great plastic bag hunter!!

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I thought it was just my cat that did that also. My cat Pumpkin used to love licking plastic bags.My new kitty Sniffles has just started to do that also.Now i know why lol.
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My cat Mimi has an affinity for plastic bags.She loves them. I cut the handles so that she doesn't get tangled up in them. I try and keep her away from them as much as possible.   I was told it was Pica (or wool chewing gene), a lot of cats, burmese and others have a gene that makes them love to chew wool and smell rubber and lick plastic.  It means your cat probably hails from turkey many thousands of years ago.
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