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Coughing/retching cat

Hi I was looking for some help. I was worried about my cat after she was doing some retching and after research it appeared that this is down to a hairball. She is now around 3 years old and so is grooming better and is longer haired than my other cat but just a domestic breed. I treated her for hairballs and she seemed to improve. However, just now she was kind of coughing then stopping to swallow then coughing. I think it upset me more than her. Nothing came up and she seems fine and back to herself now. This lasted less than a minute. She is definitely eating fine and seems to be drinking enough from what I have observed. She is passing urine and faeces as normal for her. Could this still be a hairball? I treated her for three days as said and it appeared some fur was passed in her faeces but nothing has been coughed up. All other behaviours are normal and if it wasn't for this cough/retching I would have no concerns about her.
She is a placid, happy cat but turns a bit psychotic when she has been to the vet before. Both my cats are currently behind with their annual boosters due to the personal circumstances.
My cats (this one in particular) are my world so if you can help it would be massively appreciated.
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Thank you, i'll take on board all advice, so relieved its nothing serious!
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hi, yes it can be quite upsetting to see a cat struggling to cough up a hairball b/c they do choke when it becomes lodged in the windpipe..
this sounds very much like what is happening. Get a good comb and brush her frequently so you get all that dead loose hair out before its ingested. but to rid her of the hairball she is now trying to expel buy some 'hairball remedy' at a petstore..such as laxatone or just get some plain white petroleum jelly(vaseline)..put abt an inch on your finger and let her lick it off, add a treat on top to get her started. do this everyday until the hairball passes than once or twice a week afterwards....if needed.
Do not every force petroleum jelly or such products into your cats mouth, they can choke on it, this needs to be gently licked off..let us know how you make out ok.

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Thank you,  may up the combing more to be on the safe side .
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it sounds like a hair ball to me.  keep an eye on her and if she starts to look like she is having issues then have a vet take a look at her.  in the mean time make sure your groom her by combing her fur to make sure that more hair doesnt add to the hairball before she can get it out.  
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