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Cyberparty tonight over on MedHelp Social forum! You're all invited!

Cyberparty at our place tonight!

For those of you who don't know, Savas is being rewarded with chocolate cake for voting for Obama!  :)  YUM!  

So, at 9:30 EST there will be a cyber cake party.  Y'all come!  And bring your forks!  And your cats!  Cakes are better with some cat hair in 'em!!!!!

Let's celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!
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So sorry i will not be able to come as i live in England and it's a bit far,hope you all have a great time.
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I get the cake with all the frosting...............S would of come but he is at Lonewolfs house blowing up litter boxes!!!!
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Im from New Zealand and Im super glad Obama won. I think he's great. He should run NZ too :)
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There will be cakes VERY soon. I, for one, am very excited!!!

Cakes cakes cakes cakes cakes...
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I think I am the first one to arrive? Where's the cake? lol
Oh, Abby came with me in case you haven't noticed, but he will not be joining the feast because he is on a special diet. I did tell him he was allowed to dance, drink water, enjoy the catnip and yelp lol

I'm happy Obama won!
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