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Does Your Cat Ever Watch TV?

I just caught Hunter watching TV!  It was so amusing I had to take a picture of him watching the show about cats that he was watching.

Guess what else?  I got lucky, because he walks on a harness and leash!
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OMG he looks like my Mia!!!!!.....and yes she watches animal planet and Nat Geo---only when birds, fish and cats are featured. She actually will go up to the screen and paw at them.

Actually I think she likes Sci-Fi also---mesmerized, LOL! I actually now will leave the T.V. on for her amusement. Spoiled little creatures aren't they.

Best to you and Hunter!!
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That is hilarious!!!  LOL  I've had a few that liked to watch tv.  I had one that was into soap operas and others liked Animal Planet!

I noticed the leash and harness.  Very cool!!  

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Hunter has also been caught watching videos for cats on YouTube.  I have one picture of him doing that.  He was watching birds that someone had put seed out for just so they could make the video.  It definitely got his attention.
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