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Female cat still showing signs of 'on heat!'

This may sound bizarre, but we have a female rescue cat, now 3 years of age, who has been spayed three times. She was originally spayed and had her stitches when we adopted her at 3 months. She went on heat, and we took her back to the original Vet who did the operation again. She recovered had her stitches removed and then went on heat again. This time we took her to our local Vet who did the operation again explaining that often ovoid tissue can be left behind and reassured us she wouldn't go on heat again! Now, she is what we call, 'presenting' herself by pushing her backside up when we try to stroke her. She goes into the position she would when mating. She is wanting to go outside at night, which we have tried not to do, as we have 2 rescue cats which we keep inside at night. Our other cat is male and gives her a hard time by jumping on her which hurts her as he is 6.6 kg and she is only 4.2 kg. Could she be giving off a scent we can't smell? He doesn't try to mount her, but she rejects his 'playfulness.' We are completely perplexed with the situation. If anyone has experienced this we'd appreciate some feedback.
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This really does sound bizarre. The only thing that made me feel real painful is knowing she went through the operation thrice. Maybe she's just doing it as a habit and nothing else? Try getting her a "lighter" male and see how it turns out. If she gets pregnant than maybe that's for the best. Maybe that's what nature is trying to tell you that she isn't meant to be spayed...cuz well 3 times is more than enough.
Or maybe none of the vets knew how to perform the operation which is highly impossible but maybe...
Yes, we couldn't subject her to another op! We wouldn't even think of replacing Basil, he was badly treated before we adopted him and he really only trusts us! Maybe she is just highly sexed!  From my research it is pretty common that ovoid tissue is left behind in spaying, but 3x seems a bit excessive! Thank you for your reply.
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  I'm very sorry for the trouble you and your kitties are going through.

  By all means keep Basil.  He's an innocent kitty guy.

  How did Basil and your girl interact before?  How long have you had them together?

  The position that she gets in that you say mimics a mating one, can you be more specific?  Does she get down low on the floor and howl like a kitty does when they're in heat?

  When she comes up to you and puts her back side up as you pet her that can also be an allergy response, especially if you're petting her near her tail.

  Anyhow, don't let her outside because your other cats will want the same.  Also, is her fur dry, maybe with dandruff?  Is her behavior always been like this the entire three years you've had her?

  My apologies for so many questions but she's not in heat and I would like to help you if I can.



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Hi Melinda,
Yes, Basil is perfectly innocent! They have always ran through the house chasing each other. Basil is very playful and affectionate whereas Meeka has her "don't touch me" days! Just opposite natures.

Meeka has had numerous UTI's and we give her Acidurin Tablets which keeps it in check. We used to take them both away on holidays with us, but this is when Meeka started to get a UTI, so we stopped going away. She was obviously stressed albeit she didn't show those signs.

No, Meeka doesn't howl, we've witnessed that when she was on heat before the 3rd op. She really only sticks her back side up when being stroked down her back. What kind of allergy do you mean? Both cats have some dandruff when being brushed.

Thank you for your input Melinda,
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  I don't know what type of allergy your little Meeka might have if any.  I've been studying and it seems the most common allergies are pollen and food allergies but could be something else that's environmental.  Being that there's dandruff on her and Basil it could also be some type of dermatitis or hormonal.  

I can't find information on Acidurin tablets such as efficacy, dosage, side effects or long term effects.

  I know that during dry spells like in Winter that keeping a humidifier on helps my kitties all way 'round.  I imagine that a room filter would also help any time of year.

  Keep brushing your kitties.  That is a very good thing to do.

  You might take Meeka back to the vet to let her/him take a urine sample to make sure she also doesn't have any urinary problem.  The vet can check her skin while you're there as well.  There are products to spray on a kitty from the vet with dry skin or you can spray it in your hand and then rub it into their fur.  I used to have a kitty where I'd have to do the latter so she wouldn't tear my face off.  Did it in the small bathroom with the door shut so no escapee.

  Remember, I'm no veterinarian.  Go to the one of your choice whom you trust.  I hope Meeka feels better soon and Basil too so their playing won't be so rough or unwanted.






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Hi Melinda,

Meeka is much improved, has been having 2 Acidurin tabs a day. She  definitely doesn't have a blockage as she doesn't have any trouble peeing. Her appetite has increased to our amazement, she was never a big eater! It is winter here though, so that probably makes a difference. We feed our pets kangaroo meat here, very lean meat, no fat. My last cat Tim ate it for the 20 years he enjoyed.

Thank you for your kind words, much appreciated.
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