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Fluffy's cytology report; sounds like he really has it (I knew, but...)

I received my copy of Fluffy's records so my catsitter can have them in case of emergency.  I'm always curious, so I read through them.  I don't know if anyone else is interested, but I thought I'd share and see what you think.

Results from (Lab), reported 3/10/10

CLINICAL INFORMATION:  Recently noticed swelling on left side of face above PM3, PM4.  Removed.  No draining tracts noted.

SOURCE:  Left cheek swelling

DESCRIPTION:  The slides reveal blood in the background.  Large numbers of inflammatory cells are seen.  The inflammatory cells consist of a predominance of mildly degenerate neutrophils with  a lesser representation of macrophages noted.  Moderate to large numbers of squamous epithelial cells are noted individually and in variably sized aggregates.  The cells reveal a round to oval nucleus with reticulated to smooth nuclear chromatin and a large to abundant amound of lightly to moderately basophilic circumferentially distributed cytoplasm.  Mild to sometimes moderate anisocytosis and anisokaryosis is observed.  Nuclear to cytoplasmic maturation asynchrony is noted.  Many cells are moderately degenerated/pyknotic.  No infectious agents are seen.


COMMENT:  The lesion appears highly inflamed.  The squamous epithelial cells appear atypical and degenerative.  Although inflammation cat and juice atypia, squamous cell carcinomas are generally associated with neutrophilic inflammation.  These factors confound interpretation, however, I am suspicious of an underlying squamous cell carcinoma.  Hisopathologic examination on this tissue is recommended to obtain a definitive diagnosis.


I typed it as it was printed, though "cat and juice atypia" sounds like the transcribing software got something wrong, though there is a lot I don't understand.  However, it sound to me like he does indeed have squamous cell carcinoma, not that I really doubted it.  The vet always gives such a simple explanation, and I always want to really understand, kind of like with my own health.

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Good afternoon;

Sorry to read about Fluffy's diagnosis.

I know how I feel when one of my girls is just regular sick.

Hopefully, it's caught in time to help Fluffy.

take care - Pip
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Thank you, Pip.

Unfortunately, because of the location  (on his upper cheek) of his squamous cell carcinoma, there isn't much to do but make him comfortable. I was told that it is "aggressive and nasty".  I've read the survival rate after diagnosis is from two months to a year; he's made it past two months now.

I am doing my best to make him comfortable and let him know how much I love him.  He's been my little guy for almost 16 years.

be well,
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Hi Babes, This isn't any help for Fluffy, but i'm hoping it will help you babes, i just want to say, i send all the luck in the world, i really do! The picture of my Felix who was 16 this Jan 10 just gone, he is on my profile, i adore him so much, he's my life, and if anything happened to him i would be absolutely devastated, so i know how you must be feeling. My Hopes, Love and Prays are with you=0)
Heres A Big(((((HUG))))) For Both You & Fluffy.

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Oh Jax, I hope you have a long time with your Felix; he's a real charmer.  Saffy and Oscar are lovely.  Thank you for your comforting words; they do help.

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I’m so sorry that you and fluff have to go through this. He is such a beautiful kitty it just breaks my heart to read this report and look at his pictures and actually see how the swelling has become more prominent and noticeable. You know you can always find support here. And we'll make sure we'll give you that and more as you walk this painful path. I wish you and Fluffy the best of luck!

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Hi Babes,
I was just wondering how Fluffy was, it was May 9th 2010 when you wrote regarding Fluffy and with not hearing anything since your reply in May i was hoping everything was Ok. Thankyou for your kind words with regards to Felix, Oscar and Saffy, they are all well and wrecking my xmas tree as per usual, they just love the balls and tinsle, what they like. Please let me know how things are with Fluffy.
Wishing you and Fluffy a Happy Xmas and a Purrrfect New Year;0)
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Hi, good to hear from you.  Fluffy died june 16. Sorry you missed the post about his crossing the rainbow bridge.

I'm volunteering at The Cat Adoption Team shelter, and have lots and lots of cats to care about. Just no special one in my heart and home right now, though of course Fluffy will always have a place in my heart.

Have a wonderful Christmas! I'll be working in the shelter both tomorrow and Christmas morning. I baked cookies for any adopters, volunteers, and staff that want a treat tomorrow (we're open until 3 pm).  It will be purrrfect,  :o)
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Oh babes, I'm soo sorry to hear about Fluffy, I'm sure Fluffys in a good place and I'm so sorry i missed your post. It's lovely to hear your helping all those pussycats, it must be so fullfilling especially after your loss. Good for you babes and all the very best, hope 2011 is a good year for you. God Bless Babes, heres a huge well deserved ((((((HUG)))))) just for you:0)
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Hi, I'm sorry about your cat. You do say that you like to understand so I'll suggest that "inflammation cat and juice atypia" is "inflammation can induce atypia".

Atypical cells are not normal, even just from the way they look. But they are not necessarily malignant. They might just look strange or multiply a lot without actually being cancer. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out that way.
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