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Food for Kitty?

I'm looking for suggestions of good kitty food.
After losing my kitty last Wednesday due to a number of problems - the vet told me that one of the issues with her diabetes was the dry food I was feeding her. He said the dry foods are processed with grain which bring on the diabetes.  I had never heard this.  He suggested keeping with the wet food.

What do you all feed your kitties?
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The problem with dry food and diabetes is tha certain grains cause a blood sugar spike and then drop which is hard to regulate blood glucose between meals for diabetes.  This is more of a problem with lower grade food that uses high level of grains in their foods.  Human diabetic patients need to limit carbohydrates to gain the best control of their disease.  There are some grains that are much better and those include oatmeal, barley and rye.  

Good foods that use those better grains and at lower levels are wellness, go natural, and fromm.

There are now grain free cat foods that are great.
-wellness core, evo, acana, orijen, go natural (some versions), now, natural balance and fromm (some versions) and horizon legacy.

I personally rotate my cats' food (one 19 year old and one 3 year old).  Their main food is Go natural which I switch from their chicken formula and fresh trout formula.  Then they have another "treat food" that I switch and give a small amount each morning.  My younger cat also gets fromm surf and turf in his treat ball for some extra mental stimulation and activity level.  Then they get 1/4 of a can of wet food each morning which I use 8 brands to rotate flavours (wellness, go natural, fromm, merrick, snappy tom, almo nature, holistic select and natural balance).

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You can find great foods on http://www.catinfo.org/commercialcannedfoods.htm

This website was put up by an actual D.V.M who actually agrees with your vet. She has treated cats with health issues such as IBD and Hepatic Lipidosis (Fatty Liver) with Wellness and raw diet. Please take a look so you have an idea of what's available out there. Those are all high quality canned foods.
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Thanks so much!! Looks like I have a bit of reading up to do.
Hopefully kitty #2 is fine and for her all this is caught/changed in time.

Thanks again!!
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What about just grocery store regular varity canned cat food like 9 lives? Is that better than dry food?
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according to www.catinfo.org
the website quoted above by prettykitty1...................the Vet there has alot of very good info on cat nutrition...and says ANY canned food is BETTER than even the best of dry foods.
However there are many much better options of canned foods that are not carried at grocery stores or walmarts for example.
Check out a local pet store for the brands named above.
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how about science diet? it may be expensive but im sure it will work... i have 3 cats and i use purina cat chow.
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science diet isn't recommended as one of the better foods, its alot better than anything bought at a grocery store such as purina. however science diet is still relatively high in carbohydrates(fillers)....you need to check the labels and find the one with the lowest or NO carbs. and the HIGHEST IN PROTIEN.
Evo by Innova and Wellness are the only 2 I know of that are completely grain free. there maybe others.
If not buying these two try to check labels at a petstore and find the one that has the lowest content.
such as Wysongs,Natural Balance or Precise.
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A vet once told me that Purina one is good for cats.
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I gave my cat first trial on Purina then he caught a renal disease.  I jump in this forum and I saw someone raise that problem as well.  Now, I dare not to feed my cat with Purina anymore...... View many people compliment how good it is but I'm not trying anymore.
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the problem with that is that you switched the food directly. you need to mix it in.
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I use Natural Balance for my cats.  Since I have switched them to this food, all 5 of our cats have been much healthier.  Their skin and fur is much better - no dander and the fur has become soft.  Their eyes are clearer and our older cats are playing like kittens again.  In the beginning we slowly added this to their Science Diet Dry food a little at a time.  This is a dry food with moisture in it and gluton free (be sure to get the gluton free stuff)!  It is much more expensive, so much worth it!  One of our cats had dry fur that shed all the time and now he never sheds except during the season changes and his fur is soft and it's just amazing!

Good luck!!!!
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