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Food for kidney failure

One of our old cats has been diagnosed with kidney failure.  The vet said it is best if he eats Hills prescription diet k/d canned food,  and  I forgot to ask why this food is better than regular canned food.  I looked for ingredients on the can, and there isn't any. Does anyone know why this food is good for the kidneys, or is there something even better?
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Hi Linda...I'm sorry to hear about your kitty.  The k/d canned is high in protein, low in phosphorus and low in salt.  A good diet for kidney failure.  I hope he will like it.  

Wishing you and kitty the best.  
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Thank you for the response, I'll keep him on it as long as he will eat it, hopefully for a long time.  If he refuses to eat it after awhile is there another brand good for kidneys?

I have a cat that is allergic to chicken, and have had him on Natural Balance, now he is refusing to eat it and there is nothing else to try. These guys drive me nuts.
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Yes, it's so difficult when our kitties refuse to eat.  I assume you're talking about another cat who is refusing the Natural Balance?  There is almost Always a medical reason as to why a cat is refusing to eat.  

I'm leaving you a link to a site I've got bookmarked.  I used it when Jade was dx/d with CKD (chronic kidney disease).  Excellent info.  If you're not familiar with 'dragging links', just type in "Tanyas Comprehensive Guide to Feline Chronic Kidney Disease".  

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Thank you for the site, it is so informative.  Even though Ozzie is 15, I'm not going to just give up on him.  There are a lot of good ideas, especially about feeding when they don't want to eat.

Our other cat that is refusing the Natural Balance is willing to eat, just not that food.  Unfortunately he has to eat it because it is the only one without chicken in it.  I went out and bought a fresh bag, which helped a little, but if he doesn't start eating more I'm going to have to try giving  him the NB in canned food, which I didn't want to because of cost, but I might not have a choice.  Thanks again
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