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GI issues? Opinions please.

Hello there! I am kind of hoping for a second opinion, experiences, or insights about my cat, Meeko. He is a 2.5 year old Maine Coon Mix. I am VERY attached to my babies, so I admit I am quite neurotic about them when they aren’t acting normally.
Meeko has been having troubles for a couple of weeks now. Please forgive me if this is lengthy, I want to make sure I give all of the information I can.
It all started just after we got a new kitten, who Meeko has been getting along quite well with. It might also be important to note that he is the groomer of the bunch (I have three).
We've been to the vet a number of times, including one trip to the ER Vet.
His initial symptoms included gagging like he had to vomit and just being generally mopey. We had bloodwork done, and the only thing it showed was bands, and he received an antibiotic shot. Everything else was normal. She also did an x-ray to rule out asthma.
Since then, he has been doing much better. He hasn't been gagging, but does kind of hard swallows when he's purring. He's been playing a lot, eating, and drinking just fine.
I had increased his wet food when he was sick, as I was afraid of his fluid intake. We had run out of wet on Tuesday, and gave him his normal dry food on Tuesday and Wednesday. He vomited three times on weds, hours after eating. The kibble was basically whole, even though it was hours after he had eaten. There was also a small hairball in his vomit. We went back to the vet on Thursday, and I gave her a stool sample, still waiting on results. We were prescribed probiotics, metronidazole, and a dewormer.
Since he vomited his dry food, I have been feeding him solely wet food until we get the stool sample results, because we didn't rule out a food allergy.
He just gagged a couple of times, and vomited a little mucous. I fed him about two hours ago, but there was no food in his vomit. This is the first time he's done this. I'm not sure if it's his belly reacting from cutting out his dry food? I'm just afraid he has an allergy since the kibbles were undigested before.
My vet still isn't sure what is going on. She thinks it's a belly/GI issue. I am really just hoping for a second opinion (Technically third counting the ER vet). He has gagged a few times tonight, but he ate his nighttime treat right away, and is rubbing on things like normal. He might be less playful than normal, but I’m not totally sure, as it’s a bit late.
Again, sorry this is so long! I just want to provide every bit of information. Please let me know if you need any additional information!
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Hi Nauletto,

This sounds a lot like what I was going through with my cat. I am also neurotic when it comes to her, so I was at the vets for two months almost every other day.

My cat would vomit sometimes 10 times in a day once with food the rest just bile. Undigested food could be a blockage of some sort. That is what they thought initially. So we went for a x-ray, ultra sound, and exploratory surgery. I can not begin to tell you all of the things they thought it might be, but the biopsy's taken during surgery showed Lymphocytic enteric IBD.

Mia is now on Hills Z/D allergy diet. This is because she began itching after being placed on High protein diet. I also fought to not have her placed on steroids , but finally gave in to budesonide in a liquid formulation. This is not systemic and just effects the intestinal inflammation---still don't like it.....but she seems to be doing fine --it has been a month and no vomiting.

I had also gone through the same list of meds, tests. and procedures you are going through.

Talk to your vet and ask if this could be the case with Meeko....but I would have an x-ray of the stomach and intestines just to be sure there is no blockage.

I know exactly what you are going through--I was just worn out and so angry after all the tests, surgery, and money spent --to be told they still were not sure what it was. We are just treating it for the biopsy result of IBD.

I ended up following Mia around so much I became her "stalker". When she saw me coming she ran for the "under the bed thing". ANY little thing she did had me concerned--I know the vet office thinks I am a crazy cat lady, but with the money they made off of me they can think whatever the hell they want. If they got it right the first time I would not have had to put Mia through all of this . I even went for a second and third opinion. I might add I have excellent insurance and thank God they picked up every penny of these trial and errors.

Talk to your vet about IBD
You have got everything covered already by communicating with your vet --I am just trying to save you some money , time and sanity.

Good Luck and please let us know how Meeko is doing!

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Thank you so much for responding. That's exactly what I was looking for, someone who went through something similar. It seriously started out of nowhere.

I follow Meeko around like crazy, and hover like mad every time he goes potty. If he weren't so attached to me I'm sure he'd run and hide as well. Today has been particularly rough. When I know he isn't feeling well I'm useless. I can't focus on anything or get anything done.

Tonight he seems a little more miserable. He's been in his window seat all day. He did eat almost his normal amount for breakfast, and some a bit earlier, but won't eat anything right now.

I'm taking him for a second opinion tomorrow (Hopefully, to one in particular, but I'll take him to any of the vets nearby). I will certainly bring this up. It's so frustrating! Plus, I was dumb enough to not get any insurance, so what little savings I had is pretty much gone.
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So keep us posted on Meeko!
C.areCredit is the go to credit card for expenses like this--IF your vet takes it ask about it
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