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Have you ever used Combined vaccine -Viral 3 + Rabies?

For cats.Are those safe?
I was searching the prices in a new clinic today and when I asked about what brand was the product they gave me only the lab name "VIRBAC".First they all only reply -"imported" - if it was  ever quality label!!
Them , just the producer.Ok, just look for Virbac products on line and noticed the vacinne is a a combined one.
Girls here never tried those - any experience about from someone here?
Are those more tending to giving problems or so??
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Virbac is a manufacturers name, I'm not familiar with here in Canada.
there are many that supple a 3 in 1 FVRCP vac for the 3 core vaccinations...same as they do here. I would MUCH prefer that ALL vaccines be done separately with a few weeks wait inbetween each, however that is not always possible to obtain.

the rabies is a separate vaccine, it is not combined with the 3 in 1...

I would strong suggest you get the rabies one done a few weeks after the others...it is a very strong vaccine and to give at the same time really is hard on our kitties...
if at all possible ask your Vet if you can get the KILLED INACTIVE Rabies Vaccine....it causes less side effects than the Live active type....again not always available.

sorry not more help....
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What surprise me was that Rabies is part of that!
Name of the product "Feligen® CRP/R
We have v3, v4  and v5 here - all of those separated from rabies, depending on the clinic you go.From other manufactures
They normally give the 2 shot at the same day - I ve to admit taking kids twice for would be troublesome
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Virbac produce a lot of good products but I wont try that.Maybe the dental stuff when I get money for :-)
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