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Help! A male wild stray cat is probably dying.

There is a sick and probably wounded old male cat that has puss dripping from what appears to be a bite on face near the ear side or just like the  vet suggested as a possibility could be from excessive scratching of the ear. I am neither sure nor is there any medical facility at where I am located that would actually examine or rescue the animal. The vet did not directly examine but suggested his theories on account of information I gave to him verbally.
The wound that appears to be dripping puss smells awfully repulsive and the the animal is lethargic and making slow movement. It would not eat anything except took a few sips of fresh water that I provided it with but as soon as some puss dripped into the bowl it decided to not drink anymore . The flies are annoying it. i am not sure about the maggots. It does smell very repulsive. It was trying to hide among the plants and put the affected area on ground as an alternative to scratching or something. It is a stray male cat that I have seen around my property for quite some years now.
Like the vet said, that the possible injury could have happened more than a week ago as it is already  smelling bad. But it was only today that I noticed the deplorable condition of the animal.
So, I just went out in the afternoon today to seek the advise of a vet who after listening to the conditions of the cat suggested that there could also be maggots and I would have to flush or spray the wound with Turpentine oil, especially If I saw any maggots eating the wound. And  He also gave me an aerosol for topical applications  that is meant mostly for cows or sheep, as It was specifically mentioned on it,  that Do not use for cats. Such a shame.  However, i think it would be still a better option to use rather than turpentine oil.
I am also concerned for the spread of any disease that this sick cat is capable of such as rabies. But I suspect that It was bitten by an infected dog. But I am not willing to take risks for the sake of my family health.
The vet also suggested some Neosporin talc containing zinc and 200 mg dosage of antibiotics.I could not find any water dispersable tablets so i guess I will have to mix them with little milk or water. But I cannot find the cat right now. I am in doubt about using turpentine oil.
It is night time right now and I could not find the cat outside. So, I will probably look for her tomorrow to treat the wounds or to give her the antibiotics. I am not sure about the turpentine oil or the spray.
I hope my question gets the attention of people who have good experiences in dealing with these situations and know exactly the kind of treatment without harming the male cat in any way
The cat is also showing signs of malnutrition as it looks very skinny with bones pushing against the skin. A few months ago it was very fat and strong . I did notice signs of old age and lethargy like it was tring to tell me something a few months back. But It being a stray I did not take much attention as i did not see any physical wounds or signs of injury. I just though that it was getting old.
I would really appreciate your help.
Thank you
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Oh, Jimmy, hi!  It sounds like this poor kitty has a terrible abscess.  I guess you don't have anything like Animal Control where you live?  Would the vet you're consulting with give you the means to trap the kitty?  Then you could take it in for the vet to look at.  

If flies are annoying the wound, then it surely has maggots by now.  This kitty is very ill at this stage...as you have witnessed.  

I really don't know if I would be trying to treat this animal on my own.   Maybe someone else will have an idea.  

My heart goes out to you, as it's extremely hard to watch an animal suffer.  Just tears your heart out.  
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Ok, wait, if the aerosol you were given specifically says 'do not use on cats', then don't!  

The antibiotic, well, if the cat isn't drinking much, then you won't be sure if it's getting all the antibiotic or not.  It's important kitty gets ALL of it, otherwise it's useless.  

What's more important, is this wound gets cleaned out.  The more it gets infected, the higher the chance the infection will enter the cats bloodstream leading to sepsis.  

I really commend you in trying to help this poor thing.   Good luck.  
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I'm so sad to read this about a suffering old cat...and I do mean SUFFERING...this cat needs to be humanly euthanized ASAP, sorry I know you'd like to try and treat him but given all the circumstances and the fact he's lost so much weight rapidly, I think there's no easy fix for him by you or by a Vet....this is sad
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How's it going with this cat, Jimmy?   Are you still seeing it around?  

Opus is absolutely right, this poor kitty is suffering terribly.  The kindest thing you could do at this point, is to have it euthanized...if it hasn't passed already.  
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Sounds like he needs a round or more of antibiotics! Since you live no where close to take him to a Vet , wonder about a Humane Society. They have vets! Maybe you try them!
Sounds like the poor little guy is really in need of help.
Hope I helped!
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