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Help! Need to give a cat meds but she gets aggressive!

I'm a pet sitter and the cats owner showed me how to give the meds before they left. The first time I did it, it went reasonably well. She gets a small pill, which I'm supposed to drop down her mouth, an eye drop, and a swipe of gel on her eye. She only has one eye and is mostly blind.

The second day I went (today) it took a lot longer to give her the pill and drop as she wouldnt stay still but I got it eventually. I'm supposed to wait a while before I do the gel. So when it was time, she wouldn't let me pick her up and if my hand got to close to her head, she'd hiss at me and make noises. I of course let the owner know, but I am very nervous to go back the next 2 days. I have a feeling she won't let me give her any of the meds and/or will attack me :/

Do y'all have any suggestions on what to do??
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Hi, just wanted to check to see how the tips worked for you.  You were given some great tips, hopefully some of them worked for you.
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Oh Boy!!  I have one of those and she loves me. Just will not go quietly when she needs a pill. Can they squirm or what, LOL!

I have to get all meds reformulated to a liquid. I have been around cats for a very long time and Mine is just impossible. It happens!!

I find what Opus has suggested to be the best---the Towel trick. I also will say if you kneel on the floor, back her in between your knees so she cannot move backward, Scruff the neck and give it a shot that may work.

Best to catch them when they have just woke up, and if you use the method of between the knees that is done on the floor , so no need to pick up. If you need to pick up an unco-operative cat best is to scruff them like their mother does at the back of the neck with one hand and support their bottom with the other.

I know, sounds easy but it never is.

If you are indeed afraid of the cat she will sense it and it will make it more difficult , then just scruff her and place her in a carrier and take her to the vet for the treatment.  Better the owner pays for the vet bill than the bite bill.

Let us know how it goes.
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Sorry for coming across so harsh, didn't intend to sound so judgemental...yes cats can indeed be very scary when they hiss and growl, I'd back away too...cat bites can be serious so watch yourself, you will need to somehow wrap her tightly in a towel for your own protection...even bring along a helper if possible, this kitty is scared, not used to being handled by anyone but the owner...they have put you in a difficult situation. What's the med ur giving? Would it be possible to skip doses since you said they were returning in a couple days. Some meds this isn't a problem doing so, but depends on what it is and for what is being treated, if you can't handle her safely than you will need to look at other alternatives like perhaps taking her into her Vet to administer...at the owners expense. Good luck hoping something works
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appreciate the link, i will definitely watch it. And i may try the towel thing as well, it sounds like it would help-so she won't be able to claw me.

and it's not that I haven't given cats meds before, i definitely have, i have just never had a cat hiss and claw at me when I try to do it before, so naturally it freaked me out, cats can be scary when they are angry haha. there doesn't seem to be a lot of info on scenarios like that online
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well first off I am disturbed that you as a pet sitter do not have more experience in giving a cat meds..and you seem to be afraid of her as well...thats not a good start.
there are many videos available on you tube. type in how to pill a cat...I've included several on this link, be sure to watch the full video as the second part is the best.
wrap the cat up tightly in a towel this also helps....good luck

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