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Help my cat keeps throwing up when he eats!

I have a 13 year old tabby cat, whenever he eats anything he will throw it up within the next couple of mins. He does not like to eat out of his bowl and has to be hand fed for about a year now. He mostly eats different kids of dried cat food but we do give him chicken and tuna too. I am really worried about him as he has been with us for along time and is part of the family. I have read lots of other things online about what this could be but I want to know if anyone elses older cats have had this and what was wrong with them. Thank you
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Hi Binki,

Your cat c not continue like this. He needs IV fluids because he is very dehydrated from throwing up. He should not be on anything other than Limited Ingredient  wet foods.......and most of ALL HE NEEDS T THE VET__NOW!

It could be anything with older cats , but he cannot continue to thrive like this.
Please see your Vet Today.  This cannot wait--go to an emergency clinic if need be.

I know is Thanksgiving but emergency vet hospitals will be op--Please take him.

Let us know how you make out at the vets.

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Hello and welcome...I couldn't agree more with CML.  This has gone on far too long; your kitty is in dire need of vet care.  Sure, this could be many things, but just because someone comes along sharing similar symptoms doesn't mean that is what's wrong with YOUR kitty.  This sounds like IBD...Irritable Bowel Disease...but it might not be.  Your kitty needs some tests to properly diagnose the issue.  
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Please listen to Jade and CML.  Your cat's situation is urgent.  He needs attention now.  He's getting absolutely no nutrition.  This is no way to live and he may not live much longer.  If money is an issue, please contact your local humane society or SPCA.  They offer low cost veterinary services to people with low income.  PLEASE call them!!  We are very very worried about your kitty!
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