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I think my cat developed a tic right after taking a first dose of Clavamox

I was wondering if cats can develop tics after taking an antibiotic? I took my cat to the hospital today and found out she has Feline Upper Respiratory Virus. She is two years old and has taken antibiotics before but not Clavamox. They told me to start the first dose around supper time. So I open a can of food and put the pill in it. It worked and she at it. About ten minutes later I notices involuntary head movements every 30 seconds or so. She only does this when she is laying down not when she is walking. Is this a reaction to the medicine or just a sign of a sick cat?
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When penny took clavamox her side effects were drowsiness and uncontrolable bowel movements..
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The only known side effects of amoxicillin (clavamox is a brand name of amoxicillin) are diarrhea and vomiting.

I would think that it could be caused by her having difficulty breathing due to the respiratory infection.  Lying down can change the effect of any kind of breathing difficulty, often making it more difficult and labored.

If the tic keeps up, especially after her breathing is cleared up, then I would definitely take her to the vet and have him check her.

Meanwhile, while she is recovering, there is a great over the counter pediatric product that you can get to help ease her breathing so that she can relax.  It is called Pedia-Sure Gentle Vapors.  It consists of a small plug in device and rectangular card-like pads that fit into it.  You plug it in and it emits a vapor of menthol, eucalyptus, camphor, lavender and chamomile.

I usually use it in the bathroom, as it is easier to feel the effects in a small room.  Let kitty hang out on some towels or a pillow, plug it in and close the door (you might have to sit with her for a while if she doesn't like to be shut in alone!).  It should make her feel better.  You can also run a hot shower, the steam will also help ease her breathing.

It would be interesting to note whether or not the tic goes away while she is breathing the steam and/or vapor.

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