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In a quandry over our Aramis

Down to 7 lbs from over 15 three years ago.  Had every diagnosis from Hip Sarcoma to kidney failure.  Simple lab test from our 3rd vet dismissed those possibilities. He had a fall last June, complete xrays.  The vet then proceeded to give him 3 enemas thinking blockage.  I was out of town during all of this in Alaska and my husband was caring for Aramis.  The enemas may have helped a little and we proceeded with Laculose and finally Miralax.  Neither has proved very beneficial.  He has subsisted on wet food and will take a couple of bites and then won't eat the leftovers.  Anyone haves any suggestions for maybe a food supplement that would boost his appetite.  I can't bear to see him wasting away.
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Thanks, Jade....I'll keep this in mind.  His labs all look so good in every area.  He sleeps so much already. He is still somewhat constipated and I usually give him a dose of laculose every other night.  The miralax didn't seem to work as well.
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Sorry Aramis isn't doing so well, wish I had some magic answers that would help :( did the Vet also do a kidney function test separate from the blood work? I'm kinda thinking renal failure Linda, or hepatic libidos is as jade suggested, sure hope not. Yes it's so hard to watch them waste away and not be able to help....sending some love to you both xoxo
His kidneys looked good, Opus.  He's just extremely thin and no appetite.
He'll be 16 in Oct.
Trying again, damit typed a long comment and it didn't post
Linda could it possibly be a nasal growth if a cat can't smell they won't eat no matter how hungry, or his teeth? Since all else has checked out good I am at a loss, poor Aramis. The Vet could try a B12 shot or some other med to try to increase his appetite, or you are going to soon start assist feeds with a syringe. Or the Vet is going to need to insert an NG tube to get some nutrition into him, this has gone on too far, if he hasn't gone into hepatic lipidosis yet he will very soon....so sad to see him deteriorating before your eyes...xoxo
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Hi Linda...There IS an appetite stimulant your vet can rx.  Cyproheptadine...which is an antihistimine.  Jade was rx'd this.  It worked, but unfortunately a common side effect is kitty is sleepy and lethargic (as antihistamines tend to do).  Jade would begin to eat with gusto, but couldn't finish as she would fall asleep.  

Is Aramis eliminating normally?  

You might also talk to your vet about an anti-nausea med also.  

I know Aramis' appetite has been poor for a while.  I am thinking by now you may be dealing with Hepatic Lipidosis.  A blood test will tell if that is true or not.  

My heart breaks for you, Linda.  Sending you love and hugs. xo  
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