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Is extreme hunger a symptom of kidney disease?

Our 15 year old cat was diagnosed with kidney failure a while back, and other than a change of food the vet didn't seem to think there was anything else that could be done.  He now is so very hungry ALL the time, non stop, and I was wondering if that is just another symptom, or if he probably has another health issue on top of the kidney disease
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Hi Linda, I'm not an expert by any means but with CKD it's usually the opposite, cats become really anorexic, it becomes a real challenge to get keep them eating. I wonder if the dietary change the Vet made was to drastic in protein restrictions? If a cat isn't getting enough protein they become ravenous...I've seen this first hand when one of mine was on a certain food that was supposed to be of high quality....even his coat color changed. Spent a lot of money on tests that all came back normal, so Vet suggested a new brand of food....he changed back to himself overnight almost
I know with CKD Vets suggest a lower protein diet, perhaps the one your feeding is just too low?
Talk to your Vet first but I would really try adding a small amount of another diet to the one he's on...one that list meat as the FIRST ingredient
Good luck dear boy we wish you all the best xoxo
We really aren't following the diet 100%.  He gets hills k/d dry food (my husband insists) and then eats Friskies canned.  I know that's junk but he likes it, and he has gotten so skinny that we just give it to him.  I'm going to make him an appointment tomorrow, I tried researching to see if being hungry all the time is a symptom of kidney disease, and couldn't find anything, so I thought I would ask here.  I'm guessing he probably has other problems on top of the kidney ones
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Our Miss Teia is in early stage kidney failure, tried giving her subq fluids at home, but it stressed her too much.  Will let her enjoy her remaining time as best she cane.  Teia will be 18 on 21 December.

She has also had thyroid enzyme reading at the high end of normal for a few years.

She, too, likes Friskies canned, also add some Beechnut baby meat.  She's doing okay.

My best wishes that your vet finds out what is going on with your cat, and can offer something to ease his condition.
I agree, were pretty much going to let Ozzie do it his way,too,  we give him k/d dry but are letting him eat anything else.  We are going to try to find out where the need to constantly want to eat is coming from, though, in case that can be treated fairly easily.  I doubt it, though
Took Ozzie back to the vet today, is kidneys were a little worse, but he gained a little bit, so thats good.  His red blood count is low and he's anemic, the vet tested for leukemia which was negative.  The was I understood it is he's either anemic from the kidney problems, from a chromic sinus infection or he possible has some type of bone cancer. She gave him a shot for the blood count and he will need another next week, and is on a different antibiotic for the sinus infection.  We'll see what happens.  

She could not explain the constant hunger, its not thyroid or diabetes. She said he should be just the opposite if he's anemic. I asked her if it could be that he's just senile and its affecting his behavior, she said possibly, so right now I guess I have to chalk it up to that.
Thanks for the update, crossing my fingers it's not as serious as bone cancer. Good news there's no evidence of thyroidism or diabetes....certainly not a senility issue, hunger is automatic not memory related. Try some small amounts of real protein like fresh chicken or beef..raw red beef, see if that satisfies him, I still believe he isn't getting what his body requires from the diet he's on now even tho you aren't following it 100%   Don't give a lot just some small chunks, too much would be too hard on his kidneys   Good luck to Ozzie boy xoxo
Thanks Opus, I'll give that a shot, and Ozzie definitely will be willing to try it, too
Ozzie has been at the vets for two days, we will bringing him home tomorrow.  He developed diarrhea, possibly from the food the vets are feeding him, possibly from the meds for his sinus infection.  They want to treat that before he comes home.  I'm going to have to give him subq fluids at home, were going to try once a day for 10 days and take it from there.  I can't honestly see how were going to get him to lay still for the 10 minutes or more that it takes to do this, every day, but am going to try it.  If he stays hydrated and can be weaned off the fluids to only once or twice a week, , we'll keep doing it, but if he has to have it done every day then we will stop them, and take it from there.  From listening to the vet it doesn't sound like if he doesn't stay hydrated letting him go on his own would  be a good way to go
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