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Issues with cat pooping outside of box

I am having some issues with my 3 1/2 year old cat. She is pooping on the basement floor every so often. daily as of lately. Litter has remained the same for a long time so that shouldn't be the issue. She is still pooping and peeing in the the litter boxes also. Just one time outside the box. She will spend all day cuddling with me and being a "good" cat and then she will crap on the floor sometime that night  :-(  Sometimes we go a couple days without poop on the floor and i think its all good but then poof, more poop! There is no blood in her poop and the consistancy is very soft and is mushy. I cannot just pick up the poop as it smears all over. She has had soft poop for quite sometime but i really didn't think much of it. Well i spoke with the vet and they said that cats should not have mushy poop and that it should be formed so she thinks its like a colitis of some sort and she had me try out Hills Science Diet I/D for a week and see if that helps her poop harden. The vet thinks that maybe my cat is getting cramps and thats why she doesn't want to poop in the litter box sometimes. The first day or so on the food, Liberty pooped on the floor a few different times and it was very very soft and then the next day nothing and this morning, i had poop on the floor when i woke up. Still pretty mushy. The vet said it may take a week to know if this will help and if not, we will have to try a different formula with more fiber or something.We are on day 5 of the I/D. Liberty is a healthy and happy cat otherwise. I bought her another litter box so she has two now. I was feeding her Purina Complete Cat Chow. How do you know if its behavioral or is she pooping outside the box because of her having such soft mushy poop? It is so frustrating and I am thankful she is doing it in the basement an not on the carpet but seriously??? We moved into this new house about 5 months ago and she did not previously do this in the apartment we lived in. Its new and confuses me :-(   What are good cat foods in your opinion? Anyone have this problem or advice?? Any input is appreciated.
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Your vet is on the right tract....nearly, she is trying to tell you she is having some pain, could be a colitis type thing yes...this is very often due to diet. I'd keep trying the one vet recommended for a few more days but basically he is selling you a high priced poor quality food that has some fiber mixed in..buy a pet store food that has NO grains and buy a can of PURE pumpkin( not the pie filling) mix a teas per can in...excellent source of fiber
Thank you! I will look for new food without grains in it while finishing out the samples of hsd i/d. should I just do one can of pumpkin or do a couple?
Just mix one Teaspoon of pumpkin per can of cat food :)
That's for a small can of cat food, if you get the larger tins you can mix 2 teaspoon..
I tried finding a dry cat food without grains and I'm having issues finding one. Maybe I'm looking at the ingredients wrong.. do you have any suggestions brand wise? Thank you again for helping! P.s. I'm really a good pet parent, I'm just not sure what im exactly looking for and am frustrated.. so sorry if I sound ridiculous
I went to the store with my mom and decided to get taste of the wild as it's grain free so hopefully this will be good for Liberty. It will get here Thur so i will start combining this new stuff  with the old stuff (Purina) to ween her into the change. Then I will add the pumpkin :-) Cross your fingers!
Pumpkin has to be mixed in canned food if you are feeding dry not sure how that will work?? As far as I know taste of the wild is a good diet, all grain free foods will say so on front of packaging...good luck
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opus,  we went to the place i work and ordered a small bag of Taste of the Wild.  It is a grain free food.  I feed my dogs the canine formula and they have gotten so much healthier.  Hope all is well in your world.  I have missed this forum!
Just do the transition slowly so there are no Gi upsets, some cats aren't crazy abt the grain free diets, like going from candy to broccoli...lol...ya I'm trying real hard to be here more often too :(
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Our old kitty, Miss Teia, uses puppy pads instead of a litter box.  You might try putting pads down where kitty has been pooping.  The pads are soft, unlike most litter, plus it will make clean up easier.  There are also trays that hold the pad. 1st few times, smear a tiny bit of the prior poop on the pad so kitty has a smell to guide her.
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Update: She is still pooping on the floor. Some days, she won't go in the litter box at all. Just the floor. Still pees in the box all the time which is great but still pooping outside the box. I am completely out of ideas!!!!
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