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Joy is still having diarhea :-(

Girl is eating,drinking and playing as usually but poo is still bad.
No signs of pain or fever,but the damm stuff its not getting better!
They got dewormer first dosis day 30 april
Called vet yesterday,he is always on surgery in the mornings so i couldnt call with him.
They asked me if I wanted set an appointment for today but I didnt,I was intending go right to the point and take some material from lab test instead ( There's nothing he can see only visually that I couldnt have noticed,I guess... it will be just an stressful time)
Well, clinic close 1pm on Saturdays ,its far away and today when I woke up ( after a sleepless night worry about) they had already done their needs on the litter so I couldnt catch the stuff
Waited till after the morning meal for more but no more came this time (they always do after ),them started raining , they started jumping and playing and I decided postpone the material collect and return bed for some rest
No poo after lunch as well, but that time was already late for going to the clinic and they probably wont sent the material to the lab today so nothing was/will be solved during the weekend
Send cell msg to vet but dont know if he got it...This time number was correct,at least
Yesterday I had sent the msg for his fix phone by mistaken - we got crazy about our babies...

BTW,I didnt know WHERE is that Vet ( the one in my city) lab and google is not been quite useful,so I have  those options:
1=send for a humane lab that do animal ones as well.is near home  price,12 reais,3 days
2=send to the vet clinic and he send to the lab, far away,price 15 reais
3= send another clinic intermediate distance same price exam will go to a city nearby by, be ready in one day only, however
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I'm not being able to get that site
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Oh my,things had not been easy for you,uh?
About Joy, she's not exactly "Having A  Diarrhea" I mean,the stuff is not the right consistence but she keeps doing on her litter (just once near by) and at the normal times.She doesnt give me more work than the habitual.
The worry is the situation getting worse
Today I give then breakfast at 8pm ( a little earlier) and prepared myself to wait there til get some material,it was supposed to happen some minutes later,
Well,Lucky really did,but not Joy... I had to wait til 12am !!! ( closed with them in the bathroom/another room that is linked with it),after the lunch,lots of massages and some prayers for help.
At this time Lucky was in her second one already :-)
For my surprise, Joy's one was Ok, for the first time in a month! Hope it last!

Took the stuff for my vet clinic,however,wondering if some pathology can cause the stuff to get those changes.I wanna talk with him and I did ( a few) but finally we decided  not to do the exam ( they will charge exam plus appointment - even cat not being there) til I give then second dosis of antiworm,unless she get worse again
In this case I will call him to pick us

I 'll have eye doctor in S.Paulo city this Friday so I hope things keep going right cos I will have to leave them alone for the day,I'll be back just at night.Second pill deworm will be day 15

I agree with you that must be something they are eating but I'm having troubles in getting what would be.The feed is dry, they same they always had,the same store,no "treats" ( Loreena licks a pea size of cream cheese or yogurt from my fingers sometimes - I had to allow her to be available to open her month when we need :-) )
Girls are still indoor cats and about eating garbage,the only one available in the bathroom where they are is the sand from her own litters
Toys are not exactly clean, I admit, cos they roll them all over the place but I eliminated all possibly toxical products from the place ( soaps,shampoos,creams,etc)

Last idea I had,it was about 3 or 4 days ago, I saw Lucky laying inside the sink and started cleaning the place even more carefully at night wondering they could be licking toothpaste.I also had a bag in the other room,that kind of sac made with artificial treads that they can take off and eventually swallow so I put that inside a plastic one.
I was expecting they will destroy the plastic one and keep biting that,but til now they didnt...

Not sure if those promoved some benefit,but...

Kristin,keep watching your cat I hope you can find out whats going on.Good Luck

Once more,thank you all for all the info.I will check the site asp

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-So glad that I read this!  One of my kitties is going through a lot of health issues and this is what we're left with trying to figure out.  He had substantial weight loss followed by loss of fur; now the diarrhea....  After many tests and fur/skin culture (all negative), he was on antibiotics for a month.  

I am convinced it's something dietary and have since been trying new foods with special ingredients for digestion, etc.  He's gained a very slight amount of weight but has a way to go.  (He lost a third of his body wt - from a little over 12 pds down to 8.)  I've tried to observe the surroundings to make sure there's nothing he got in to - he's also an indoor only kitty so no outdoor possibilities I can think of either.  His appetite has been good - also has a feisty attitude so I am stumped.  If anyone uncovers another possibilty please share!

I'm going to check out that website.  Thanks!
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Fluffy eats Iams Low-Residue prescription diet, and it works for him.

Fluffy had diarrhea often for years.  At first they said it was from allergies, and put him on one kind of food.  Things were better for a while, then got bad again.  My new vet at that time told me to feed him chicken or lamb baby food with psyllium powder mixed in it, which seemed to help a little, but then he went back to the sticky soft poo.

After taking him to an internal medicine specialist (lots of money), I was told that he had Inflammatory Bowel Disease and put in on another food, which is now called Iams low-residue.  That vet also put him on some medicine that he hated the taste of so I had to hide it in little capsules wrapped in wet cat food. It was called Tylan and came in powder form and is some form of antibiotic. The food and the medicine helped a lot, and he would only get diarrhea when he was feeling stressed or scared.

That doesn't help you, since you don't know what's causing the loose poo, but I wanted to share my experience of my cat's diarrhea.  Changing his diet helped for quite a while before he needed more tests and medicine.

Since he was diagnosed with cancer, I haven't had to give him his bad-tasting medicine and he hasn't had diarrhea, and it's been two months. He was even constipated for a while.  He's still eating the Iams low-residue food, and likes it very much.

I know how awful it is to have a kitty with diarrhea. You can have big messes to clean up.

Fluffy weighed 16 pounds and I would often have to catch him as he came out of the litter box.  At first I would just try to wipe it off, but it got so I would prepare when I heard him in the litter box.  I would have a big towel ready, put some luke-warm slightly soapy water in the sink, shutting the bathroom door.

I would pet him as he came out of the litter, check his behind, and many times would have to pick him up with an arm around his upper body and front legs, dip him in the sink bath, and wash his bottom with my other hand.  I'd drain the water, rinse him quickly, then wrap him in the towel.  He would yowl like I was hurting him, and I know his poor bottom would be sore from all that diarrhea.

I'll bet Joy isn't too happy with her diarrhea, either.  I hope you learned something helpful from the websites that opus told you about, and that you are able to find some way to help your Joy.
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If you are feeding wet food switch to dry do not give milk or any other liquid besides water and don't put water in dry food to soften it if that doesn't work go to a feed store you know for live stock they sell penicillin or at least they do here in Tucson it's 40.00 for enough to last 10cats 2 lifetimes unfortunatley it's injectable so you have to be able to give them a shot you need to know exactly how much she weighs so they can tell you how much to give her that has cured every ailment in all my animals cats dogs ferrets and even my fish
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I found a site with good info on feline diarrhea. read about all the causes of major diarrhea or minor diarrhea problem, since worms have been ruled out by the use of all the dewormer you will need to look for other causes....can also start her on a low residue diet for a few days....I'm just not sure what for a cat?


this is a paws and purrs website and has good info for ailments.

sure wish the poor baby can soon get better for you, one good indication is she has no signs of poor health, such as weight loss and other problems, so hopefully it can be corrected.
Is she possibly  getting into any garbage and eating it? I suggest you read the website.
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