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Kitten Sneezing HELP!

Today i adopted a 3 month old kitten at a humane society. I was not told of any health concerns and she seemed fine at the pace. We took her home in a crate (recently used by my other cat and my dog sometimes slept in there) and when we were in the car she started sneezing and one of her eyes was a little bit watery. Now that shes home she continues to sneeze often and her eye is still watery. Could something in my house be irritating her? Could she be allergic to something? Or did i adopt a sick kitten? What should i do? Thank You.
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You did such an awesome thing, adopting instead of buying from a pet store!!!  =)  This truly made my day hearing this!!!!

My guess is that the kitten has an upper respiratory infection, which, in that environment is quite common.  It's an easy fix.  Call the Humane Society back and they might give you some antibiotics to give her.  You might want to keep her separated from your other cat/cats so she doesn't give the infection to them.  It is highly contagious.

Please, keep us posted.

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Hello NoodlePoodle,

First of all thank you for adopting instead of buying from a pet store.
I have also adopted two cats from the humane society in the past.
Personally I wouldn't bring your kitten back to the humane society.
The fact that the kitty is sneezing and has a watery eye could indicate
an upper respiratory infection, but until your kitty is seen by a vet
you really don't know. When we , my husband and I, adopted a kitty
from the humane society, she was sick with an upper respiratory
infection.  We took her to our vet , the vet confirmed it and gave her
some medication and soon she was well again. You might try taking
your new kitty to the vet that takes care of your other cat and the
sooner the better seeing your kitty is so young. I wish you both well.
Eve  ( mother of Sammy the cat )
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Hi NoodleP,
Actually we always STRONGLY suggested when an animal was adopted from our Rescue that they have a baseline physical . In fact part of the insurance they bought with the cat allowed them I free Wellness check, Easy for us we were affiliated with a vet and that made it less of a problem.

It is always recommended that any adopted shelter pet be seen by a vet for their initial health check . After being at a shelter there are so many things that can be a happen, but most of the time it is the URI that is worrisome. The Vet will check her out and let you know where to begin with the care of your new baby. Respiritory infections are the norm, unfortunately.

Although, I must say if she was fine at the shelter , perhaps she IS having an allergic reaction to an outside agent--like something in the carrier, or your car or home.

Either way best to have her checked by a Vet, then you will have an established record for Pet insurance, which I strongly recommend. For a few pennies a day you can save yourself and your pet for some agonizing decisions.

Congratulation on your wonderful little adoptee--she is one of the lucky ones to make it out of "jail". Love her and keep her safe, she will return the favor ten fold.


P.S. Please keep us posted on her progress  
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That happened to me!!! Luv, don't worry. I agree with ZQ (first post).

Look, I adopted a kitten from the Homane Society almost 6 years ago. When I walked in, I saw this playful, seemingly healthy in all spects, little kitten and I decided I wanted to give him a home. Well, the minute he got home he started sneezing. Oops, he had URI. Gave it to my other cat, Abby (as if Abby needed that!)  so they both had to be on antibiotics, meh.

But, it went away. So, I would definitely get her to either a vet or the Shelter where you found her and tell them what's going on so they can treat that. She will get better. The kitten I adopted is now a beautiful 5 year old cat named Dillan, and he brings life to our home....and dead animals as well, ugh.
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My kitten has to go for a check up tomorrow. I am just so worried that she got my other cat sick! They are mostly separated however at one point i let her out of her little room for a bit ( i felt so back keeping her locked up) and she sneezed near ,y other cat. The humane society said they will not do anything for my other cat if he is sick. So worried :'(
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Hi Noodle,
  Please do not let this get you upset. These things happen in cats all the time. Most cats are born with the Herpes virus (which causes cat colds), so getting these colds is sometimes just a matter of time. If this is indeed what your new kitten has then the Vet will explain the cycle to you, If your other cat is sniffling now also and the new cat is diagnosed with an URI then your other cat already has this respiratory complex, so I hope you will be keeping your New little one. They will be good for each other.

My cat has had this since I adopted her. She gets colds every 6 months, most just go away a few turn into gunky nasal infections and then she gets Clavimox antibiotic. We try and give them L-Lysine to boost their immune system and keep them stress free. Which is such a joke to my husband , He always says "Stress, what stress?? She lays around like a princess". true but they do not like change, it stresses them out, so any little thing can set them off.

It is very contagious to cats not exposed already ...so when you take them to the vet they will want you to go thru a special area so as not to infect other cats. It is ok, they are still just as lovable and need love just as much as any animal, so please do not let this a defining moment . Your new kitty needs your love , so please keep her and love her.
Come here often if you need help or guidance, we all know what this is and can help you.

Let us know what your vet says, so we can work with you, k?

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Well, I wish you all the best tomorrow. Hope everything goes well.

You are concerned about your other cat's health and that is understandable. Who wants their cats to be sick, right? But, don't worry. Cross the bridge when you get there. Address the other cat's cold when/if kitty gets sick. For now, I wouldn't be overly worried. And if kitty does get sick, well, you can always take her to the vet for check-up and treatment. Please keep us posted, ok? Let us know how you and the cats are doing.
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